1st Edition

Origin and History of the Earth Proceedings of the 30th International Geological Congress, Volume 1

Edited By Hongzhen Wang, Borming Jahn, Shilong Mei Copyright 1997
    214 Pages
    by CRC Press

    226 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This book deals with the different aspects of the symposia, ranging from, in the original order of the sessions, early history of the earth, continental accretion, coremantle differentiation, biological evolution, palaeoclimate, to interaction between the lithosphere and the hydro-atmo-biosphere.

    Part I: Keynote Papers 1. The Earth Sciences and Society: The Needs for the 21st Century 2. Geological Environments in China and Global Change 3. Sustaining Our Life Support System 4. Tectonic Evolution and Uplift of the Qinghai-Tibet Pateau Part II: Origin and History of the Earth 5. Mantle Degassing and Origin of the Atmosphere 6. Pulsation Model of Mantle Differentiation: Evolution, Geochronological, Geochemical, Petrologic and Geodynamic Implications 7. Geochronology, Accretion and Tectonic Framework of Precambrian Continental Crust of Eastern China 8. Pangaea Cycles, Earth's Rhythms and Possible Earth Expansion 9. On Crustal Accretion and Mantle Evolution in Qinling Orogenic Belt 10. Episodic Growth of the Continental Crust in SE China: Nd Isotopic Approach 11. On the Way from Plate Tectonics to Global Geodynamics 12. Oxygen Isotope Fractionation in MgSiO3 and Mg2SiO4 Polymorphs: Implications for the Chemical Structure of the Mantle and Isotopic Nonequilibuium in Mantle Assemblages 13. Mesoproterozoic Microbiotas of the Northern Hemisphere and the Meso-Neoproterozoic Transition 14. Histological Study on the Neoproterozoic Organism's Fossil Remains: Implications for Origin of Multicellularity and Sexuality 15. Climatic and Geodynamic Significance of Cenozoic Land Surfaces and Duricrusts of Inland Australia


    Wang, Hongzhen; Jahn, Borming; Mei, Shilong