2nd Edition

Orthodontic Pearls A Selection of Practical Tips and Clinical Expertise, Second Edition

Edited By Eliakim Mizrahi Copyright 2015
    435 Pages 342 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Orthodontic Pearls: A Selection of Practical Tips and Clinical Expertise synthesizes a wealth of information gleaned from clinical and administrative experiences in orthodontic practice. The administration and running of an orthodontic practice is not often taught extensively or formally in most schools. This book fills that gap by providing tips, techniques, and practical hints to assist in everything from diagnosis and the use of appliances to patient management and marketing. Much of the information in this book comes from experience as well as lectures, courses, and journals. This second edition has been revised and expanded to cover:

    • Digital advances in photography and radiology
    • Digital intra oral scanning
    • Lingual orthodontic treatments
    • Temporomandibular joint disturbances
    • Temporary anchorage devices
    • Impacted canines
    • Interdisciplinary treatment
    • Risk management
    • Marketing of the orthodontic practice
    • The expanded orthodontic team
    • Continuing education and its relevance to orthodontic practice

    Written in an informal style, more akin to a seminar or tutorial, this book provides readers with information helpful in both the administrative and clinical components of their orthodontic practice. It is essential reading for all practitioners—even the most experienced orthodontists—who wish to improve their skills and knowledge in the clinical treatment of patients.

    Print Versions of this book also include access to the ebook version.

    The Relevance of Continuing Education to Orthodontic Practice; Nada M. Souccar and Lionel P. Sadowsky

    Administration: The Practice;
    Eliakim Mizrahi, Victor Lalieu, and Effie Patrikios

    Management of the New Patient;
    Eliakim Mizrahi

    Orthodontic Investigations;
    Eliakim Mizrahi, Pieter van Heerden, Antony G.H. McCollum, Luc Dermaut, Matie Grobler, Colin Wallis, Alexander Jacobson, and Demetri Patrikios

    Cone Beam Computed Tomography;
    Iain Macleod

    Orthodontic Photography: An Update;
    Jonathan Sandler and Alison M. Murray

    Case Discussion;
    Eliakim Mizrahi

    Inter-, Intra- and Extraoffice Communications as an Orthodontic
    Risk Management Tool;
    Laurance Jerrold

    The Extended Duty Orthodontic Team;
    Liz Hopkins

    Marketing an Orthodontic Practice;
    Winston B. Senior, Asif Chatoo, and Renton Tindall

    Psychology for Patient Compliance;
    Kees Booij, Victor Lalieu, Effie Patrikios, and Colin Wallis

    Fixed Appliances;
    Eliakim Mizrahi, Luc Dermaut, Ronald G. Melville, Anthony Lam, Glenn William Cooper, Jonathan Sandler, Robert A. Katz, Matie Grobler, Victor Lalieu, Pieter van Heerden, and Lee W. Graber

    Practical Tips for Getting the Benefits from Self-Ligating Brackets;
    Nigel W.T. Harradine

    Orthodontic Auxiliaries;
    Eliakim Mizrahi, Demetri Patrikios, Luc Dermaut, Tom Weinberger, Matie Grobler, Glenn Cooper, Hans Booij, Brett Kerr, Brian Nebbe, Farah R. Padhani, and Victor Lalieu

    Auxiliary Springs for Crown and Root Movement;
    Eliakim Mizrahi, Ronald G. Melville, Farah R. Padhani, and André O. Hugo

    Digital Technology for Orthodontics: Features and Benefits;
    Rohit C.L. Sachdeva and Nikita Sachdeva

    Temporary Anchorage Devices;
    Eliakim Mizrahi and Antony G.H. McCollum

    Interdisciplinary Treatment;
    Eliakim Mizrahi, W. Aubrey Soskolne, Ayala Stabholz, and Antony G.H. McCollum

    Impacted Canines;
    Adrian Becker and Stella Chaushu

    Lingual Technique in Current Orthodontic Practice; Alan Rumbak

    Temporomandibular Joint: Disc Displacement;
    Brian Nebbe

    Detailing the Final Occlusion;
    Eliakim Mizrahi, Luc Dermaut, Richard N. Carter, and Ronald G. Melville

    Removable Appliances;
    Eliakim Mizrahi, Matie Grobler, Luc Dermaut, Robert A. Katz, Ronald G. Melville, and John J. Sheridan

    Eliakim Mizrahi, Farah R. Padhani, Victor Lalieu, Gerald Gavron, Ronald G. Melville, Richard N. Carter, Simon Ash, Brett Kerr, Demetri Patrikios, and Adam A. Ryan

    Laboratory Aids;
    Eliakim Mizrahi, Desmond Solomon, and Ronald G. Melville


    Appendix A: Specimen Forms and Letters;
    Eliakim Mizrahi

    Appendix B: Specimen Intra- and Extra-office Communications;
    Laurance Jerrold

    Appendix C: Specimen Forms and Letters;
    Brett Kerr

    Appendix D: Specimen Forms and Letters;
    Winston B. Senior

    Appendix E: Specimen Letter;
    Kees Booij


    Eliakim Mizrahi, BDS (Rand), Dip Orth RCS (Eng), FDSRCS (Eng), MSc (Manc), PhD (Rand), specialist orthodontic practice, London, UK

    "The authors write in an easy-to-follow language with the majority of the chapters’ text being broken up by high quality colour images, tables and radiographs. Also, conveniently embedded throughout the text are … pearls of wisdom."
    British Dental Journal

    "The unique feature is, of course, the website and ebook. The ebook allows readers to highlight and outline chapters as well as search for content."
    —Janet H. Southerland, DDS, MPH, PhD in Doodys’ Book Reviews

    Praise for the first edition

    "This is a great collection of tips and advice, and I have no doubt that orthodontists would find it an interesting and enjoyable read, regardless of their level of experience."
    —Chris Johnston in The European Journal of Orthodontics

    "Orthodontic Pearls is a good title for this book because it is crammed with extremely useful, practical advice for the orthodontist…the whole book contains a cornucopia of information…"
    British Dental Association News

    "[The book] … will be of value to all postgraduates and young orthodontist seeking insights into how other specialists handle patients and clinical situations. For those already established, I feel there is still something to gain, and I gleaned pearls from most sections of this book that I will utilize in my practice."
    —Peter J. Lewis in Australian Orthodontic Journal

    "This book is well produced, with clear print and diagrams. The text is liberally sprinkled with headings and highlighted pearls of wisdom."
    —B. Selwyn-Barnett in British Dental Journal

    "… The author is to be congratulated on … putting together this unique volume"
    — American Journal of Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopedics