Oscillations in Neural Systems  book cover
1st Edition

Oscillations in Neural Systems

ISBN 9781138002548
Published June 8, 2015 by Psychology Press
456 Pages

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Book Description

This book is the fourth in a series based on conferences sponsored by the Metroplex Institute for Neural Dynamics (MIND), an interdisciplinary organization of Dallas-Fort Worth area neural network professionals in both academia and industry. This topic was chosen as the focus for this special issue because of the increasing interest by neuroscientists and psychologists in both rhythmic and chaotic activity patterns observed in the nervous system.

Neither the mathematical structure of neural oscillations nor their functional significance is precisely understood. There are a great many open problems in both the structure and function of neural oscillations, whether rhythmic, chaotic, or a combination of the two, and many of these problems are dealt with in the chapters of this book.

Table of Contents

Contents: Preface. Part I: Oscillations in Single Neurons and Local Networks. G. Gross, J.M. Kowalski, B.K. Rhoades, Spontaneous and Evoked Oscillations in Cultured Mammalian Neuronal Networks. D.C. Tam, Detection of Oscillations and Synchronous Firing in Neurons. D.A. Baxter, H.A. Lechner, C.C. Canavier, R.J. Butera, Jr., A.A. DeFraneschi, J.W. Clark, Jr., J.H. Byrne, Coexisting Stable Oscillatory States in Single Cells and Multicellular Neuronal Oscillators. M. Stemmler, M. Usher, C. Koch, Oscillatory Local Field Potentials. G.J. Mpitsos, J.P. Edstrom, Computations Neurons Perform in Networks: Inside Versus Outside and Lessons Learned From a Sixteenth-Century Shoemaker. Part II: Oscillations in Cortical and Cortical/Subcortical Systems. I. Soltesz, The Interplay of Intrinsic and Synaptic Membrane Currents in Delta, Theta and 40-Hz Oscillations. E. Thomas, Dynamics of Low-Frequency Oscillations in a Model Thalamocortical Network. M.E. Jackson, L.J. Cauller, Towards the Function of Reciprocal Corticocortical Connections: Computational Modeling and Electrophysiological Studies. D. Young, An Oscillatory Model of Cortical Neural Processing. G.L. Yuen, Response Synchrony, APG Theory, and Motor Control. Part III: Oscillatory Models in Perception, Memory, and Cognition. D. Horn, I. Opher, Temporal Segmentation and Binding in Oscillatory Neural Systems. A. Grunewald, S. Grossberg, Perceptual Framing and Cortical Synchronization. D. DeMaris, Attention, Depth Gestalts, and Spatially Extended Chaos in the Perception of Ambiguous Figures. G. Borisyuk, R. Borisyuk, Y. Kazanovich, G. Strong, Oscillatory Neural Networks: Modeling Binding and Attention by Synchronization of Neural Activity. B. Baird, T. Troyer, F. Eeckman, Attentional Network Streams of Synchronized 40-Hz Activity in a Cortical Architecture of Coupled Oscillatory Associative Memories. Part IV: Applications of Synchronized and Chaotic Oscillations. G.E. Mobus, P.S. Fisher, Foraging Search at the Edge of Chaos. A.G. Brown, S. Collins, An Oscillatory Associative Memory Analogue Architecture. N.S. Park, D. Robertson, K. Stenning, Symbolic Knowledge Encoding Using a Dynamic Binding Mechanism and an Embedded Inference Mechanism. A. Jagota, X. Wang, Oscillations in Discrete and Continuous Hopfield Networks. S. Wolpert, Modeling Neural Oscillation Using VLSI-Based Neuromimes.

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Daniel S. Levine (Edited by) ,  Vincent R. Brown (Edited by) ,  Timothy Shirey (Edited by)


"This is a good book for obtaining an overview of the broad branches this area has grown. Detailed experimental results, as well as theories and speculations, provide a deeper view of the issues and potential explanations of the role of oscillations. This book is recommended to anyone interested in neural networks in their recent (and possibly future) incarnations."
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