1st Edition

Other Cultures Aims, Methods and Achievements in Social Anthropology

By John Beattie Copyright 1964

    The first part of this book considers what kind of study social anthropology is, the types of questions social anthropologists ask and how they go about obtaining the answers. The second part discusses the more important fields in which social anthropologists have advanced our knowledge of other cultures: kinship and marriage, social order, economic relations and magical and religious institutions. The important theme of social change is also discussed.
    First published in 1964.

    Part 1; Chapter 1 Introduction and Background; Chapter 2 Social Anthropology and Some Other Sciences of Man; Chapter 3 What Social Anthropologists Study: the Need for Theory; Chapter 4 Explanation in Social Anthropology: Social Function and Social Structure; Chapter 5 Beliefs and Values; Chapter 6 Fieldwork; Part 2; Chapter 7 Kinship; Chapter 8 Marriage and Affinity; Chapter 9 Social Control: Political Organization; Chapter 10 Social Control: Law and Social Sanctions; Chapter 11 Economic and Property Relations; Chapter 12 The Field of Ritual: Magic; Chapter 13 The Field of Ritual: Religion; Chapter 14 Social Change; Chapter 15; Conclusion and Assessment;


    John Beattie

    'Beautifully written and exceptionally lucid It easily outclasses all its competitors.' - Edmund Leach, New Statesman.