1st Edition

Our National Park Policy A Critical History

By John Isne Copyright 2011

    A legislative and administrative history on the social, cultural, and intellectual significance of the national park idea. Originally published in 1961

    Introduction; One: The Early Parks 1872-1916; I: Yellowstone Park; II: Yosemite Park; III: Sequoia and General Grant Parks; IV: Mount Rainier Park; V: Crater Lake Park; VI: Three Inferior National Parks: Wind Cave, Sullys Hill, and Platt; VII: The Antiquities Act: The National Monuments; VIII: Mesa Verde Park; IX: Glacier Park; Two: The National Park Service 1916-1959; X: The Mather Administration 1917-1928; XI: The Mather Administration 1917-1928; XII: The Mather Administration 1917-1928; XIII: The Mather Administration 1917-1928; XIV: The Mather Administration 1917-1928; XV: The Albright Administration 1929-1933; XVI: The Albright Administration 1929-1933; XVII: The Cammerer Administration 1933-1940; XVIII: The Cammerer Administration 1933-1940; XIX: The Cammerer Administration 1933-1940; XX: The Cammerer Administration 1933-1940; XXI: The Drury Administration 1940-1951; XXII: The Drury Administration 1940-1951; XXIII: The Drury Administration 1940-1951; XXIV: The Wirth Administration 1951-; XXV: The Wirth Administration 1951-; XXVI: The Wirth Administration 1951-; Three: Special Park Problems; XXVII: Wildlife; XXVIII: National Park Concessions; XXIX: Financing the Parks; XXX: Wilderness Areas; XXXI: National Parks in Other Countries


    John Isne