1st Edition

Out of the Margin Feminist Perspectives on Economics

    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    324 Pages
    by Routledge

    Out of the Margin is the first volume to consider feminist concerns across the entire domain of economics. The book addresses the philosophical roots of 'rational economic man', power relations and conflicts of interest within the family, the limitations of relying on secondary data and the policy implications of neo-classical models.
    With its range and depth of coverage this is not only an excellent introduction to the field but also indespensible for those seeking more in depth knowledge of issues of gender and economics.

    INTRODUCTION Part 1 Herstory of economics 1 INTO THE MARGIN! 2 A HERETICAL VIEW OF ECONOMIC GROWTH AND INCOME DISTRIBUTION 3 VARIETIES OF DEPRIVATION Comments on chapters by Pujol and Hutchinson Part II Economic theory 4 HUMAN CAPITAL AND THE GENDER EARNINGS GAP A response to feminist critiques AND DIVISION OF WORK IN THE FAMILY A game theoretic model of household decisions 6 TOWARD A FEMINIST, POST-KEYNESIAN THEORY OF INVESTMENT A consideration of the socially and emotionally constituted nature of agent knowledge 7 ECONOMIC THEORY AND FEMINIST THEORY Comments on chapters by Polachek, Ott, and Levin Part III Interpreting economics 8 THE ECONOMIST AS STORYTELLER What the texts reveal 9 READING NEOCLASSICAL ECONOMICS Toward an erotic economy of sharing 10 FEMINIST INTERPRETIVE ECONOMICS Comments on chapters by Strassmann and Polanyi, and Feiner Part IV Economic measurement 11 THE EMPIRICAL CHALLENGES OF FEMINIST ECONOMICS The example of economic restructuring 12 MEASURING EQUALITY IN OPPORTUNITY 2000 13 TOWARD A FEMINIST ECONOMETRICS 14 ECONOMIC MEASUREMENT Comments on chapters by MacDonald, Perrons and Redmount Part V Empowerment of women 15 THE USE AND ABUSE OF NEOCLASSICAL THEORY IN THE POLITICAL ARENA The example of family and medical leave in the United States 16 WOMEN AND CHILDREN LAST A feminist redefinition of privatization and economic reform 17 GENDER, PROPERTY, AND LAND RIGHTS Bridging a critical gap in economic analysis and policy 18 THE EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN


    Susan Feiner, Edith Kuiper, Notburga Ott, Jolande Sap, Zafiris Tzannatos