1st Edition

Outside Belongings

By Elspeth Probyn Copyright 1996

    Outside Belongings argues against a psychological depth model of identity--one in which individuals possess an intrinsic quality that guarantees authentic belonging. Instead, Probyn proposes a model of identity that takes into account the desires of individuals, and groups of individuals, to belong. The main ideas she considers--"the outside", "the surface", and "belonging"--allow her to articulate, in concrete terms, her precise concerns about sexuality and nationality.

    Introduction Approximating Belonging; Chapter 1 On the Surface; Chapter 2 Becoming-Horse; Chapter 3 “Love in a Cold Climate”; Chapter 4 Suspended Beginnings; Chapter 5 Disciplinary Desires;


    Elspeth Probyn is the Director of Women's Studies, University of Sydney. She is the author of Sexing the Self: Gendered Positions in Cultural Studies and the co-editor of Sexy Bodies: The Strange Carnalities of Feminism.