1st Edition

Outstanding User Interfaces with Shiny

By David Granjon Copyright 2022
    510 Pages 185 Color Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    510 Pages 185 Color Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    510 Pages 185 Color Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    Outstanding User Interfaces with Shiny provides the reader with necessary knowledge to develop beautiful and highly interactive user interfaces. It gives the minimum requirements in HTML/JavaScript and CSS to be able to extend already existing Shiny layouts or develop new templates from scratch. Suitable for anyone with some experience of Shiny, package development and software engineering best practices, this book is an ideal guide for graduates and professionals who wish to bring their app design to the next level.

    Key Features:

    • Provides a survival kit in web development to seamlessly get started with HTML/CSS/JavaScript
    • Leverage CSS and Sass and higher-level tools like {bslib} to substantially enhance the design of your app in no time
    • A comprehensive guide to the {htmltools} package to seamlessly customize existing layouts
    • Describes in detail how Shiny inputs work and how R and JavaScript communicate
    • Details all the necessary steps to create a production-grade custom template from scratch: packaging, shiny tags creation, validating and testing R components and JavaScript
    • Expose common web development debugging technics
    • Provides a list of existing templates, resources to get started and to explore

    Chapter 1 Shiny and the Web

    Chapter 2 Manipulate HTML tags from R with {htmltools}

    Chapter 3 Discover Shiny dependencies

    Chapter 4 Handle HTML dependencies with {htmltools}

    Chapter 5 Web application concepts

    Chapter 6 CSS for Shiny

    Chapter 7 Tidy your CSS with Sass

    Chapter 8 Beautify with {fresh}

    Chapter 9 Become a theming wizard with {bslib}

    Chapter 10 JavaScript for Shiny

    Chapter 11 Communicate between R and JS

    Chapter 12 Understand and develop new Shiny inputs

    Chapter 13 Shiny inputs lifecycles

    Chapter 14 Mastering Shiny’s events

    Chapter 15 Optimize your apps with custom handlers

    Chapter 16 Define dependencies

    Chapter 17 Create template elements

    Chapter 18 Develop custom input widgets

    Chapter 19 Adding more interactivity

    Chapter 20 Testing and validating templates elements

    Chapter 21 Automate new template creation with {charpente}

    Chapter 22 Introduction

    Chapter 23 Reconstruct {shinyMobile}

    Chapter 24 {shinyMobile} and PWA

    Chapter 25 Design widgets

    Chapter 26 Fine tune {shinyMobile}

    Chapter 27 Shiny and React with {reactR}

    Chapter 28 Divide and Conquere

    Chapter 29 What to do next?

    Appendix A Code Outputs



    David Granjon holds a PhD in applied mathematics from Université Pierre et Marie Curie and Université de Lausanne. He is the founder and maintainer of the open source RinteRface organisation (https://rinterface.com) where he develops Shiny extensions ({bs4Dash}, {shinyMobile}, {shinydashboardplus}, …) and deliver novel advanced Shiny workshops in worldwide R conferences like useR or R in Pharma. David works as a full-fulltime Senior Data Science Expert at Novartis where he provides his expertise to help associates to design outstanding user interfaces for clinical trials.