1st Edition

Over 55 A Handbook on Health

By T. G. Duncan Copyright 1985
    668 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    A study into the increasing needs of the population aged 55 years and over, by a group of experts, mostly physicians from Pennsylvania Hospital,Philadelphia; to explain in an understandable manner some of the medical, social, emotional, financial and legal matters that concern this age group.

    Preface, Introduction, 1. Arthritis, 2. Orthopedic Disorders, 3. The Heart and Circulation, 4. Chest and Lung Diseases, 5. Peripheral Vascular Disease, 6. High Blood Pressure and the Older Person, 7. Lipids (Fats) and the Risk of Heart Attack, 8. Kidney Disease, 9. Urologic Problems, 10. Diabetes, 11. Neurologic Diseases, 12. Gastrointestinal Diseases, 13. Cancer, 14. Gynecological Problems, 15. Infectious Diseases, 16. Head and Throat Disorders, 17. Eye Problems, 18. Skin Disorders, 19. Dental Care for the Older Patient, 20. Foot Health, 21. Radiology, 22. Hematology, 23. Physical Therapy for the Over-55 Patient, 24. Diet and Nutrition, 25. Physical Fitness, 26. Plastic Surgery, 27. Sex After 55, 28. Psychiatric Problems, 29. Coping With Crisis, 30. Living Together and Living Apart, 31. Population Trends of Older Americans, 32. Boarding and Nursing Homes, 33. The Hospital, 34. The U.S. Hospice Movement, 35. Insurance, 36. Retirement Income: Social Security and Supplemental Security, 37. Retirement Income: Private, 38. Property Management: Protecting, Giving, and Leaving It, 39. Fraud, 40. Funerals, Burial and Cremation, Index


    Theodore. G. Duncan MD (Author)