1st Edition

Overtourism and Tourism Education A Strategy for Sustainable Tourism Futures

Edited By Hugues Séraphin, Anca C. Yallop Copyright 2021
    240 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    240 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Since 2017, the term ‘overtourism’ has become the buzzword for destinations suffering the strain of tourism. It is a critical issue for the 21st century and beyond, and to date has only been examined from a tourism industry perspective. This book takes a different stand by investigating overtourism from a tourism education perspective.

    The recent global COVID-19 pandemic was expected to halt travel and, arguably, overtourism. However, industry experts and researchers share the opinion that instead of declining, overtourism is simply experiencing a shift, with a swarm of ‘second home’ and domestic travel that is likely to engulf many tourism destinations. Against this backdrop, the issue of overtourism remains relevant and studies on ways to cultivate responsible consumer mindsets to deal with overtourism and other sustainability issues in the tourism industry are called for. This book focuses on education as a transformative and strategic tool to tackle overtourism and related negative impacts. It presents original research on the topics of overtourism, education, and sustainability, and puts forward a range of practical and transformative tourism education strategies to mitigate overtourism and to promote the sustainable development of destinations.

    This book will be of great interest to upper-level students, researchers, and academics in tourism, development studies, cultural studies, and sustainability, as well as professionals in the field of tourism management.

    Hugues Seraphin & Anca C. Yallop

    Preface: COVID-19 and the mutation of overtourism: The case of France
    Hugues Seraphin & Frederic Dosquet


    1 Overtourism education and the tourism area life cycle model
    Richard Butler

    2 The PRME framework in tourism education
    Nichole Hugo

    3 Tourism as industry and field of study: Using research and education to address overtourism
    Kathleen M. Adams & Peter M. Sanchez


    4 Empowering tourism education as a destination management tool
    Pinaz Tiwari, Snigdha Kainthola & Nimit Chowdhary

    5 Demarketing Overtourism: The role of educational interventions
    Maximiliano Korstanje & Babu George

    6 Training of human resources in tourism to mitigate overtourism and promote a sustainable destination
    Rita R. Carballo, Carmelo J. León & Maria M. Carballo

    7 The impacts of tourism education on tourism destination performance and sustainability
    Ovidiu I. Moisescu, Oana A. Gică & Monica M. Coros


    8 Strategic and transformative tourism education as a valuable approach to educating for sustainable development
    Svetla Stoyanova-Bozhkova

    9 Transformative tourism education: An evidence-based framework as best practice in the age of overtourism
    Patrick L’Espoir Decosta, Naomi F Dale, Seleni Matus & Beverley Wilson-Wünsch 

    10 Designing strategic and transformative tourism education programs and education strategies
    Tammi J. Sinha

    Hugues Seraphin and Anca C. Yallop




    Hugues Séraphin is Senior Lecturer in Event and Tourism Management Studies at the University of Winchester, UK. Prior to his career in academia, he worked in various roles in the tourism and hospitality sector in the Caribbean and in Europe.

    Anca C. Yallop is a Senior Lecturer in Business Strategy at Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand. She previously worked at the University of Winchester, UK. Her research has been published in book chapters and peer-reviewed international journals.