1st Edition

Ovid's Heroides A New Translation and Critical Essays

    276 Pages
    by Routledge

    276 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume offers up-to-date translations of all 21 epistles of Ovid’s Heroides. Each letter is accompanied by a preface explaining the mythological background, an essay offering critical remarks on the poem, and discussion of the heroine and her treatment elsewhere in Classical literature. Where relevant, reception in later literature, film, music and art, and feminist aspects of the myth are also covered. The book also contains an introduction covering Ovid's life and works, the Augustan background, the originality of the Heroides, dating, authenticity and reception. A useful glossary of characters mentioned in the Heroides concludes the book. This is a vital new resource for anyone studying the poetry of Ovid, Classical mythology or women in the ancient world.



    Heroides 1: Penelope to Ulysses

    Heroides 2: Phyllis to Demophoon

    Heroides 3: Briseis to Achilles

    Heroides 4: Phaedra to Hippolytus

    Heroides 5: Oenone to Paris

    Heroides 6: Hypsipyle to Jason

    Heroides 7: Dido to Aeneas

    Heroides 8: Hermione to Orestes

    Heroides 9: Deianira to Hercules

    Heroides 10: Ariadne to Theseus

    Heroides 11: Canace to Macareus

    Heroides 12: Medea to Jason

    Heroides 13: Laodamia to Protesilaus

    Heroides 14: Hypermestra to Lynceus

    Heroides 15: Sappho to Phaon

    Heroides 16: Paris to Helen

    Heroides 17: Helen to Paris

    Heroides 18: Leander to Hero

    Heroides 19: Hero to Leander

    Heroides 20: Acontius to Cydippe

    Heroides 21: Cydippe to Acontius

    Glossary of Characters

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    Paul Murgatroyd has lectured at the University of Natal, South Africa, and McMaster University, Canada, in a career of over 40 years. He is the author of 11 books and over 90 articles in the field of Classical literature, especially Latin poetry, and is a published Latin poet in his own right.

    Bridget Reeves received a PhD from McMaster University, Canada, and, currently teaches in Hamilton, Canada. Her research interests are in story-telling, both in prose and in verse, with a focus on the mythological character Europa.

    Sarah Parker is a part-time instructor in the Classics department at Brock University, Canada. Her research interests are the ancient novel – those by Apuleius in particular – and Latin literature in general.

    This timely translation makes the particular pleasures of the Heroides available to the modern reader. The translations are lively and engaging; each verse letter is accompanied by detailed commentary that throws light on the situation of the individual speaker, and considers the position of that poem in the collection as a whole.

    - Dr Mandy Green, Durham University, UK