1st Edition

Oxygen Responses, Reactivities, and Measurements in Biosystems

By S. N. Mukhopadhyay, Dipak K. Das Copyright 1994

    Oxygen Responses, Reactivities, and Measurements in Biosystems meets the pressing needs of the twentieth-century biotechnological and bioengineering sciences in covering oxic reactions and oxygen transport phenomena in a single book. This book is intended for teaching senior or graduate level courses and as a self-study text for practicing biochemical and chemical engineers, biotechnologists, applied and industrial microbiologists, cell biologists, scientists involved in oxygen-free radical research, and others in related fields. The text includes thought-provoking numerical problems and short questions, conventional biochemical engineering approaches and related concepts with mathematical formulations and analysis, concepts of cell biology, basic microbiology and applied biochemistry in oxy radical research, practical approaches for the development of laboratory experiments and industrial design, and an introduction of oxygen-free radical chemistry to biotechnology and bioengineering.

    Introduction. Biocells: Organelles and Fundamental Characters. Oxygen: Source and Properties. Responses and Functions of Oxygen in Biosystems. Oxygen Solubilities and Affinity in Aqueous Biomedia. Oxygenation in Biosystems. Regulation and Control of Oxygen in Biosystems. Model Numerical Problems on Oxygen Interactions in Biosystems.


    S. N. Mukhopadhyay and Dipak K. Das