2nd Edition

P & G Pharmacy Handbook

By Dennis Worthen Copyright 2001

    Now readers can have medical terms, abbreviations, and patient counseling principles right at their fingertips. P & G Pharmacist's Handbook, Second Edition begins with an Inverted Medical Dictionary to translate lay terminology to more technical vocabulary and an Eponyms section to translate medical terminology to language that is comprehensible to patients. It includes medical abbreviations, terms used in prescription writing, and references such as normal laboratory values, conversion factors, and weights and measures. These features make P & G Pharmacist's Handbook, Second Edition a convenient and handy resource for the practicing pharmacist.

    Fundamentals of Medical Terms. Inverted Medical Dictionary. Eponyms. Medical Abbreviations. Terms Used in Prescription Writing. Conversion Factors. Anthropometrics. Laboratory Indices. List of Tests by Body Serum. List of Tests by Type. Patient Counseling Principles. Principles of Literature Evaluation. National Pharmacy Associations. State Pharmacy Associations. State Boards of Pharmacy. Glossary of Managed Care Terms.


    Dennis Worthen