1st Edition

P-Adic Functional Analysis

Edited By A.K. Katsaras, W.H. Schikhof, L. Van Hamme Copyright 2001

    This volume collects together lectures presented at the Sixth International Conference held at the University of Ioannina, Greece, on p-adic functional analysis with applications in the fields of physics, differential equations, number theory, probability theory, dynamical systems, and algebraic number fields. It discusses the commutation relation AB-BA=I and its central role in quantum mechanics.

    Non-Archimedean Vector Measures and Integral Operators Jose N. Aguayo and Thomas E. Gilsdorf A New Version of the Nonarchimedean Banach-Stone Theorem J. Araujo Analytical and Computational Methods for the Levi-Civita Field Martin Berz An Interpretation of Analytic Functions K. Boussaf Applications of the p-adic Nevanlinna Theory Abdelbaki Boutabaa and Alain Escassut About a Tsuzuki Theorem G. Christol Continuous Coderivations of Complete Ultrametric Hopf Algebras Bertin Diarra Some p-adic Differential Equations Maurice de Gosson, Branko Dragovich, and Andrei Khrennikov Orthogonal and Schauder Bases in Non-Archimedean Locally Convex Spaces N. De Grande-De Kimpe, J. Kakol, C. Perez-Garcia, and W. H. Schikhof Topological Transitivity for p-adic Dynamical Systems Matthias Gundlach, Andrei Khrennikov, and Karl-Olaf Lindahl Some Congruences Involving the p-adic Gamma Function and Some Arithmetical Consequences Lucien Van Hamme On p-adic Locally Convex Spaces A. K. Katsaras Integral Representations of Continuous Linear Operators on p-adic Function Spaces A. K. Katsaras and C. G. Petalas On the Commutation Relation AB -- BA = I for Operators on Non-Classical Hilbert Spaces H. Keller, H. Ochsenius, and W. H. Schikhof Probability Measures on Non-Archimedean Inner Product Spaces H. A. Keller an W. H. Schikhof Isometric Embedding of Ultrametric (non-Archimedean) Spaces in Hilbert Space and Lebesgue Space Alex J. Lemin Metrizability of Some Analytic Affine Spaces Nicolas Mainetti Some Properties of Certain Sequence Spaces over Non-Archimedean Fields P. N. Natarajan Distribution of Cycles of Monomial p-adic Dynamical Systems Marcus Nilsson Some Dynamical Systems in Finite Field Extensions of the p-adic Numbers Robert Nyqvist An Approximation Theorem for p-adic Linear Forms C. Perez-Garcia and W. H. Schikhof Spectral Radius of a Derivation and Algebraic Extensions Alain Salinier On the Roots of a p-adic Rational Function Marie-Claude Sarmant Convergence on the Levi-Civita Field and Study of Power Series Kohdr Shamseddine and Martin Berz Compact Perturbations of p-adic Operators with Finite Codimensional Range S. Vega Umbral Calculus in Non-Archimedean Analysis Ann Verdoodt


    A.K. Katsaras (University of Ioannina, Greece) (Edited by) , W.H. Schikhof (University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands) (Edited by) , L. Van Hamme (Free University of Brussels, Belgium) (Edited by)