PSPICE and MATLAB for Electronics : An Integrated Approach, Second Edition book cover
2nd Edition

PSPICE and MATLAB for Electronics
An Integrated Approach, Second Edition

ISBN 9781138372740
Published September 10, 2018 by CRC Press
382 Pages 233 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Used collectively, PSPICE and MATLAB® are unsurpassed for circuit modeling and data analysis. PSPICE can perform DC, AC, transient, Fourier, temperature, and Monte Carlo analysis of electronic circuits with device models and subsystem subcircuits. MATLAB can then carry out calculations of device parameters, curve fitting, numerical integration, numerical differentiation, statistical analysis, and two- and three-dimensional plots. PSPICE and MATLAB® for Electronics: An Integrated Approach, Second Edition illustrates how to use the strong features of PSPICE and the powerful functions of MATLAB for electronic circuit analysis.

After introducing the basic commands and advanced features of PSPICE as well as ORCAD schematics, the author discusses MATLAB fundamentals and functions. He then describes applications of PSPICE and MATLAB for problem solving. Applications covered include diodes, operational amplifiers, and transistor circuits.

New to the Second Edition

  • Updated MATLAB topics
  • Schematic capture and text-based PSPICE netlists in several chapters
  • New chapter on PSPICE simulation using the ORCAD schematic capture program
  • New examples and problems, along with a revised bibliography in each chapter

This second edition continues to provide an introduction to PSPICE and a simple, hands-on overview of MATLAB. It also demonstrates the combined power of PSPICE and MATLAB for solving electronics problems. The book encourages readers to explore the characteristics of semiconductor devices using PSPICE and MATLAB and apply the two software packages for analyzing electronic circuits and systems.

Table of Contents

ORCAD PSPICE Capture Fundamentals
PSPICE Schematics
DC Analysis
Transient Analysis
AC Analysis

PSPICE Fundamentals
DC Analysis
Transient Analysis
AC Analysis
Printing and Plotting
Transfer Function Command
DC Sensitivity Analysis
Temperature Analysis
PROBE Statement

PSPICE Advanced Features
Device Model
Library File
Component Values (.PARAM, .STEP)
Function Definition (.FUNC, .INC)
Subcircuit (.SUBCKT, .ENDS)
Analog Behavioral Model
Monte Carlo Analysis (.MS)
Sensitivity and Worst Case Analysis (.WCASE)
Fourier Series (.FOUR)

MATLAB Fundamentals
MATLAB Basic Operations
Matrix Operations
Array Operations
Complex Numbers
The Colon Symbol
FOR Loops
IF Statements
Graph Functions
Input/Output Commands

MATLAB Functions
Mathematical Functions
Data Analysis Functions
Derivative Function (diff)
Integration Function (quad, quad8, trapz)
Curve Fitting (polyfit, polyval)
Polynomial Functions (roots, poly, polyval, and fzero)
Save, Load, and Textread Functions
Interfacing SPICE to MATLAB

Diode Circuits
Schematic Capture of Diode Circuits
Zener Diode Voltage Regulator
Peak Detector
Diode Limiters

Operational Amplifier
Inverting and Noninverting Configurations
Slew Rate and Full-Power Bandwidth
Schematic Capture of Operational Amplifier Circuits
Active Filter Circuits

Transistor Characteristics and Circuits
Characteristics of Bipolar Junction Transistors
MOSFET Characteristics
Biasing of BJT Circuits
MOSFET Bias Circuit
Frequency Response of Transistor Amplifiers
Schematic Capture of Transistor Circuits
Feedback Amplifiers

Each chapter contains a Bibliography at the end.

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John Okyere Attia is a professor and head of the electrical and computer engineering department at Prairie View A&M University.


Praise for the First Edition
"… With the ease of using a high-level language, the book describes the combined power of PSPICE and MATLAB programming for analyzing diode, op-amps, and transistor circuits … These chapters are bound to motivate any enthusiastic electronic engineer interested in simulation, modeling, and analysis of electronic circuits. This book has clearly exposed the strength of the integrated usage of PSPICE and MATLAB packages in solving electronic circuits. The numerous examples, both worked out and homework problems, should provide the reader with a good knowledge of the integrated usage of PSPICE and MATLAB packages …"
—K. Vasudevan, University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA

"Each chapter contains a large number of worked PSPICE and MATLAB examples … Highly recommended as a useful addition for lower-division undergraduates through professionals, and two-year technical program students."
CHOICE, December 2002