1st Edition

Paediatric Pain Management A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

    Children are still enduring unnecessary pain. This unique book is for all health care professionals who care for children, both in hospitals and in the community, and has contributions from nurses, doctors and clinical psychologists. It provides the theoretical knowledge required to manage acute and chronic paediatric pain, and discusses both drug and non-drug methods of pain relief. The information is presented in an accessible manner to enable readers to apply it in their daily clinical practice.  

    Perceptions about paediatric pain. Children's cognitive level and their perception of pain. Pain pathways. Quality and pain management. Pain assessment in children. Pain assessment in the preverbal child. Non-drug methods of pain control. The role of the clinical psychologist in paediatric pain management. Pharmacological management of acute pain. The management of chronic pain. The future of paediatric pain management.


    Alison Twycross, Anthony Moriaty, Tracey Betts