1st Edition

Painting for Performance A Beginner’s Guide to Great Painted Scenery

By Sean O'Skea Copyright 2017
    261 Pages
    by Routledge

    261 Pages
    by Routledge

    Painting for Performance removes the mystery from painting and gives beginners the terms, tools, and techniques to approach their unpainted set with confidence. Covering the mechanics of paint and its many implementations in set design, this book provides simple and effective step-by-step instructions for painting a variety of surfaces to look great on stage.



    Chapter 1 - Paints: Meet Your Medium

    Chapter 2 - The Hardware: The Essential Tools

    Chapter 3 - Unusual Tools: Stencils, Stamps, and Sprayers.

    Chapter 4 - How to Get the Color You Want: Basics of Color Theory and Mixing Paint

    Chapter 5 - How to Paint: Basic Techniques

    Chapter 6 - How to Make it Look Like Something Else: Recipes For Faux Finishes

    Chapter 7 - Make it Like This, Only Bigger: Pattern transfer techniques

    Chapter 8 - How to Make it Look 3D: The Basics of Trompe l’oeil

    Chapter 9 - How to Paint on Anything: Techniques for Painting on Paint-resistant Materials

    Chapter 10 - More Than Paint: A Gallery of 3D Materials and Techniques For Surfaces

    Chapter 11 - How to Stay Safe: Health and Safety




    Sean O’Skea is Professor of Design for the Oregon Center for the Arts at Southern Oregon University. He has worked as a scenic designer in the Northwest and New York for 15 years. He has taught scenic art for much of that time, and he is an instructor for the Teacher’s Training Summer Seminar at Cobalt Studios in New York.