1st Edition

Palestinian Memory and Identity in Modern Children’s Literature

By Hanan Mousa Copyright 2024
    144 Pages
    by Routledge

    A timely and significant contribution to Palestinian children’s literature from 1967 to the present day, Palestinian Memory and Identity in Modern Children’s Literature examines a myriad of motifs and popular culture, and the evolution of national identity and consciousness among young Palestinians. Utilizing analytical and in-depth readings, this text presents a thorough examination of the representations and role of folk culture in Palestinian children’s literature from both thematic and stylistic-linguistic perspectives. The analysis covers a wide range of diverse works representing popular culture published after 1967, including diverse works by writers from Israel, the West Bank, Gaza, and the Palestinian diaspora. This volume will be of interest to academics and students exploring the vast contexts of Arabic children’s literature and Palestinian folk lore.



    PART I

    Theoretical Section                                                                                                                


    Chapter 1 – Introduction: The Features and Significance of Children’s Literature               

    1.1.      The Term “Childhood” and its Conception                                                          

    1.2.      The Definition of Children’s Literature                                                                

    1.3.      Folk Heritage and Children’s Literature                                                             

    1.4.      The Use of Folk Heritage in Arabic Children’s Literature                                 

    1.5.      The Relationship of Children’s Literature to Palestinian Folk Heritage      

    1.6.      Summary                                                                                                             

    Chapter 2 – The History of Palestinian Children’s Literature                                          

    2.1.      Introduction                                                                                                               

    2.2.      Palestinian Children’s Literature in the Mandate Era until 1948                              

    2.3.      The Development of Indigenous Palestinian Children’s Literature after 1948           

    2.4.      Palestinian Children’s Literature in the Diaspora since 1948                                   

    2.5.      Palestinian Children’s Literature in the West Bank and Gaza after 1967                 

    Chapter 3 – Folk Heritage and its Forms                                                               

    3.1.      Introduction                                                                                                               

    3.2.      Folk Heritage                                                                                                             

                3.2.1.   Definition                                                                                                      

                3.2.2.   The Interest in Folk Heritage: Beginnings and Trends                                 

                3.2.3.   The Interest in Folk Heritage Among the Arabs                                           

                              Palestinian Folk Heritage and its Significance                     

                              Palestinian Folk Heritage in the Orientalist Era

    until 1948                                                                               

                              The First Period After the Nakba (1948–67)                        

                              The Second Period After the Nakba (1967–86)                    

                              The Period After the First Intifada Until Today                    

    3.3.      The Forms of Folk Heritage                                                                                      

                3.3.1.   Introduction                                                                                                   

                3.3.2.   Folk Tales                                                                                                      

                              The Folk Tale Concept                                                          

                              Folk Tales’ Features                                                              

                              Palestinian Folk Tales                                                           

                3.3.3.   Popular Proverbs                                                                                           

                              The Popular Proverb Concept                                               

                              Popular Proverbs’ Features                                                   

                              Palestinian Popular Proverbs                                                 

                3.3.4.   Popular Songs                                                                                                

                              The Popular Song Concept                                                    

                              Popular Songs’ Features                                                        

                              Palestinian Popular Songs                                                     



    Applied Section                                                                                                                    


    Chapter 4 – The Use of Folk Tales in Palestinian Children’s Literature                         

    4.1.      Introduction                                                                                                               

    4.2.      The Use of Folk Tales 1967–87                                                                                

                4.2.1.   Introduction                                                                                                   

                4.2.2.   The Use of Folk Tale Features                                                                      

                   The Use of Traditional Beginnings and Endings                             

                   The Use of Popular Expressions                                                      

                   The Use of Repetitive Styles                                                            

                   The Use of Descriptive Styles                                                          

                   The Use of Dialogic Styles                                                              

    4.2.3.   The Invocation of Folk Characters in Children’s Stories                             


                   The Traditional Character Concept in Children’s Stories                

                   The Invocation of the Ghūl                                                              

    4.3.      The Use of Folk Tales in the Period 1988–2015                                                       

                4.3.1.   Introduction                                                                                                   

                4.3.2.   Reshaping Folk Tales                                                                                    

                4.3.3.   The Use of Narration in Folk Tales                                                               

                   Forms and Appearances of Narrator Presence in Children’s Stories

                   The Use of Narrator Styles in Children’s Stories                            

                4.3.4.   The Invocation of Traditional Characters in the Second Period                The Invocation of the Characters of Al-Shātir Hasan

    (Shater Hasan) and the Ghūl in Children’s Stories                                       

                4.3.5.   The Use of Folk Tale Features in Children’s Stories                                    

                   The Use of Styles of Beginning in Children’s Stories                     

                   The Use of Repetitive Styles in Children’s Stories                          

    4.4.      Summary                                                                                                                   

    Chapter 5 – The Use of Popular Proverbs in Palestinian Children’s Literature              

    5.1.      Introduction                                                                                                               

    5.2.      The Use of Popular Proverbs in the 1967–87 Period                                                

                5.2.1.   Introduction                                                                                                   

                5.2.2.   Citing Popular Proverbs in the Vernacular Dialect (al-ʿĀmmīya) Form           

                5.2.3.   Citing Popular Proverbs via Converting Them into Classical Arabic


                5.2.4.   Citing Popular Proverbs as Titles of Children’s Stories (Paratextualism)        

    5.3.      The Use of Popular Proverbs in the 1988–2015 Period                                            

                5.3.1.   Introduction                                                                                       

                5.3.2.   Citing Popular Proverbs as Titles of Children’s Stories



                              The Concept of Titles                                                            

                              Titles in Children’s Stories                                                   

                              Citing Popular Proverbs in Children’s Stories                      

                              The Dominance of Popular Proverbs and Their

    Prevalence over the Text                                                       

    5.4.      Summary                                                                                                                   

    Chapter 6 – The Use of Popular Songs in Palestinian Children’s Literature                   

    6.1.      Introduction                                                                                                               

    6.2.      The Use of Popular Songs in the First Period (1967–87)                                         

                6.2.1.   Introduction                                                                                                   

                6.2.2.   The Use of Popular Song Names and Related Aspects (Allusion)

    in the First Period                                                                                          

                6.2.3.   The Citation of Popular Song Names Converted into

    Classical Arabic (al-Fuṣḥa) Form in the First Period                                               

    6.3.      The Use of Popular Songs in the 1988–2015 Period                                                

                6.3.1.   Introduction                                                                                                   

                6.3.2.   The Use of Song Names and Related Aspects (Allusion)

    in the Second Period                                                                                      

                6.3.3.   The Use of Popular Songs in Vernacular Dialect (al-ʿĀmmīya) Form           

                6.3.4.   The Use of Popular Songs Converted into Classical Arabic


                6.3.5.   Narration of Popular Song Styles                                                                  

                6.3.6.   The Use of Popular Songs as Titles of Children’s Stories

    in the Second Period (Paratextualism)                                                          

                6.3.7.   Summary                                                                                                       




    Sources and References                                                                                                      

    1.     List of Sources and References                                                                                 

    1.1. Arabic-Language Sources                                                                            

    2.     References                                                                                                                 

    2.1.            Arabic-Language References                                                            

    2.2.            Foreign-Language References                                                          

                Hebrew-Language References          


    Hanan Mousa is lecturer at the Sakhnin College for Teacher Education in northern Israel since 2011.