1st Edition

Pan-Nationalism as a Category in Theory and Practice

Edited By Alexander Maxwell Copyright 2023

    How is pan-nationalism different from other forms of nationalism? This book explores the diversity of pan-nationalism in both theory and practice.

    Drawing on Rogers Brubaker, the book introduces "pan-nationalism" as a category of practice. It shows that pan-nationalism implied transcending political frontiers, intermittently possessed a pejorative subtext, and differed from unmodified “nationalism” partly due to a retroactively applied success/failure criterion. Pan-nationalists always look across political frontiers, but do not always want a single pan-national state. The book explores the diversity of pan-nationalism through case studies and a selection of pan-national movements such as: Habsburg pan-Slavism from both the Slavic and Hungarian perspective, pan-Saxonism in Europe and North America, pan-Ethiopianism and pan-Somalism in the horn of Africa, and pan-Hinduism online.

    The book will be of interest to students and researchers of politics including comparative politics, various forms of nationalism and history. The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of Nationalism and Ethnic Politics.


    Alexander Maxwell

    Introduction: Pan-Nationalism as a Category in Theory and Practice

    Alexander Maxwell

    1. Greece and Germany as Models for Habsburg Panslavs

    Alexander Maxwell

    2. "In the Grasp of the Pan-Slavic Octopus": Hungarian Nation Building in the Shadow of Pan-Slavism Until the 1848 Revolution

    Judit Pál

    3. Pan-German or Pan-Saxon? Framing Transylvanian-Saxon Particularism on Both Sides of the Atlantic

    Sacha E. Davis

    4. Competing -Isms in the Horn of Africa: The Rise and Fall of Pan-Ethiopianism and Pan-Somalism

    Jan Záhořík

    5. Pan-Hindutva and the Discursive Practices of Digital (Counter)Publics around #SupportCAA

    Avishek Ray


    Alexander Maxwell is Associate Professor of History at Victoria University of Wellington. He is the author of Choosing Slovakia: Slavic Hungary, the Czechoslovak Language and Accidental Nationalism (2009), Patriots Against Fashion: Clothing and Nationalism in Europe's Age of Revolutions (2014) and Everyday Nationalism in Hungary: 1789-1867 (2019). He has published widely on Central European history, nationalism theory, and history pedagogy.