1st Edition

Panel Data Econometrics

Edited By

Badi Baltagi

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ISBN 9780415721400
Published November 5, 2014 by Routledge
2110 Pages


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Book Description

In the memorable words of Ragnar Frisch, econometrics is ‘a unification of the theoretical–quantitative and the empirical–quantitative approach to economic problems’. Beginning to take shape in the 1930s and 1940s, econometrics is now recognized as a vital subdiscipline supported by a vast—and still rapidly growing—body of literature.

Following the positive reception of The Rise of Econometrics (2013) (978-0-415-61678-2), Routledge now announces a new collection in its Critical Concepts in Economics series. Edited by the author of the field’s leading textbook, Panel Data Econometrics brings together in one ‘mini library’ the best and most influential scholarship. This four-volume set provides an authoritative, one-stop resource to enable users to understand the econometrics of panel data, from both theoretical and applied viewpoints. With a full index and comprehensive introductions to each volume, newly written by the editor, the collection also provides a synoptic view of many current key debates and issues.

Table of Contents

Volume I

Part 1: Dynamic Panels

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Part 2: Non-Stationary Panels: Unit Roots, Co-Integration, and Factor Models

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Volume II

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Part 3: Pseudo-panels and Repeated Cross-sections

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Volume III

Part 4: Spatial Panels and Cross-sectional Dependence in Panels

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Part 5: Nonlinear Panel Data Models

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Volume IV

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Part 6: Further Reading

54. B. H. Baltagi, ‘Forecasting with Panel Data’, Journal of Forecasting, 2008, 27, 153–73.

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Badi H. Baltagi, Distinguished Professor of Economics, Syracuse University, USA