1st Edition

Parasitic Diseases Treatment & Control

By Max J. Miller, Edgar Love Copyright 1989

    Based on papers presented at the XI International Congress for Tropical Medicine and Malaria, this publication provides an authoritative evaluation of treatment and control of helminth parasite infections. A section on leprosy and a brief review of malaria vaccination are included. A comprehensive review of the history of schistosomiasis control programs presents information unavailable elsewhere. This book is of special interest to professionals concerned with health problems of less developed countries and in particular to public health officials, epidemiologists and clinicians dealing with patients in or returning from the tropics.

    SCHISTOSOMIASIS. The Pathology of Human Schistosoma haematobium Infection. CHEMOTHERAPY AND ITS USE IN CONTROL. Single-Dose Metrifonate for the Treatment of Schistosoma haematobium Infections in an Endemic Area of Zimbabwe. Metrifonate: Clinical Experience and Therapeutic Efficacy. Experience with Praziquantel Treatment. Treatment of Human Mansoni Schistosomiasis: Comparison between Praziquantel and Oxamniquine in Brazil. Selective Population Chemotherapy in S. haematobium Infection: Pros and Cons. Chemotherapy - Options and Delivery Systems. COMPLEMENTARY METHODS OF CONTROL. Complementary Snail Control in Chemotherapeutic-Based Control Programs. Human Water Contact and Schistosomiasis Infection. Developments in Environmental Sanitation, Water Supply, and Changes in the Habitat, as a Means of Controlling the Transmission of Bilharzia. EVALUATION OF CONTROL. Parasitological Evaluation of Schistosomiasis Control. The Prognosis of Schistosomiasis Haematobium following Community Based Control Chemotherapy at Misungwi, Tanzania. COUNTRY PROFILES OF CONTROL PROGRAMS. The Present Status of Schistosomiasis Control in Morocco. Progress in the National Schistosomiasis Control Program in Iran. The Blue Nile Health Project - Objectives, Methods, and Budget. Schistosomiasis Control in Egypt. Present Situation of Schistosomiasis Control in China. Present Situation of Schistosomiasis Control Program in the Philippines. ECONOMICS AND MATHEMATICAL MODELS. The Economics of Bilharzia Control. Planning Schistosomiasis Control Programs: The Role of Mathematical Models. TREMATODES. Current Status of Paragonimus and Paragonimiasis. Hepatic and Intestinal Trematodes. ONCHOCERCIASIS. Social, Geographical, and Economic Factors of Onchocerciasis. CONTROL OF ONCHOCERCIASIS IN WEST AFRICA. The Entomological Aspects of Onchocerciasis Control in the Volta River Basin. Present Status and Prospects for Use of Bacillus thuringiensis H14 in Onchocerciasis Control. Hydrobiological Evaluation of Side Effects of Larvicide Treatments Against Simulium Damnosum. The Taxonomic Use of DNA Sequence in the Simulium damnosum Complex. Settlement of the Valleys Protected from Onchocerciasis after Ten Years of Vector Control in Burkina Faso. Geography of Onchocerciasis Blindness in Northern Cameroon. NEW ONCHOCERCIASIS FOCI IN SOUTH AMERICA. Onchocerciasis in the Sierra Parima and Upper Orinoco Regions, Federal Territory of Amazonas, Venezuela. Taxonomic Studies on Onchocerciasis Vectors in Ecuador and Brazil. Onchocerciasis in the Esmeraldas Province of Ecuador. Current Therapy for Human Metacestode Infections (Hydatid Disease and Neurocysticercosis). Surveillance and Control Programs for Cestode Diseases. Prospects for Vaccination Against Larval Cestode Infections. NEMATODES. Control of Human Intestinal Nematode Infections. LEPROSY. New Discoveries of Significance to the Prevention, Control, and Treatment of Leprosy. Unsolved Problems Hindering Progress in Leprosy Control. Constraints to Progress in Leprosy Control. MALARIA. Malaria Vaccines: Prospects and Problems. Index.


    M.J. Miller and Edgar J. Love