1st Edition

Parenting in Stepfamilies Social Attitudes, Parental Perceptions and Parenting Behaviours in Hong Kong

By Gladys Lan Tak Lam-Chan Copyright 1999
    299 Pages
    by Routledge

    300 Pages
    by Routledge

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    First published in 1999, this book contains the findings of an exploratory study using in-depth interviews on parenting and the dynamics of Hong Kong Chinese stepfamilies. The stepfamily is a topic which is in lack of local research in Hong Kong, but is an emerging family structure which has increasing need for professional intervention. This study began as a result of the researcher’s concern about the soaring number of divorces and broken families in Hong Kong and her curiosity to uncover the untold stories of stepfamilies. The literature review, presentation and thematic analysis of the findings of this study will increase the readers knowledge and understanding of stepfamilies in contexts which are different from Western societies. This book unveils the perceptions and life experiences of the stepmothers, social workers and teachers attitudes towards stepfamilies and the parenting behaviours of stepfamilies in Hong Kong. The author has reflectively analyzed the complex interplay between the social attitudes, cultural stereotyping of stepfamilies influenced by Chinese traditional values, aspirations towards marriage and marital relationships, parental expectations and parent-child relationships, ideology and policy issues affecting professional intervention.

    1. Introduction. 2. Social Attitudes, Parental Perceptions in Stepparenting and Parenting Behaviours of Stepfamilies: A Review of Western Literature. 3. Traditional Chinese Beliefs and Current Views in Hong Kong Influencing Family Life and Family Relationships. 4. Research Methodology. 5. Social Attitudes and Parental Perceptions of Stepparenting in Stepfamilies in Hong Kong: Findings and Discussion. 6. Parenting Behaviours in Stepfamilies in Hong Kong: Findings and Discussion. 7. Reflections on the Themes and the Issues. 8. Implications for Social Work Practice.


    Nicola Piper is Senior Lecturer and Associate Director at the Centre for Migration Policy Research at Swansea University, UK. She holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Sheffield, UK. She has published extensively on gender and migration, migrant rights and governance of migration.

    ’Gladys Lam’s study is a valuable introduction to the complexities and difficulties which arise when Eastern and Western family values come together.’ Olive Stevenson, Professor Emeritus of Social Work Studies, University of Nottingham, UK