1st Edition

Parish Nurses, Health Care Chaplains, and Community Clergy Navigating the Maze of Professional Relationships

By Larry Van De Creek, Sue Mooney Copyright 2002
    286 Pages
    by Routledge

    292 Pages
    by Routledge

    Understand the roles of these three unique professions and how collaboration can make each more effective!

    This is the first book to clarify the roles and interprofessional dynamics of these three professions and describe how they can best work together. Here you’ll find theological perspectives on each profession, practice models of collaborative programs, and new resources to aid your professional growth. In addition, this book gives you a thorough historical overview of parish nursing and an introduction to health care chaplaincy as well as insightful analyses of the relationships of clergy and congregation to health care institutions.

    Parish Nurses, Health Care Chaplains, and Community Clergy: Navigating the Maze of Professional Relationships is a vital addition to your reference shelf. This unique book, written by experts in all three fields, provides:

    • the necessary background to be an effective parish nurse, including information on spiritual formation, clinical pastoral education, and more
    • instruction on starting a parish health ministry
    • effective ways that the disciplines can work together in congregational health ministries to provide the best possible spiritual care
    • successful practice models that your ministry can emulate
    • an examination of the health care institution’s role in forming the spiritual care team
    • resources to use to increase your ministry’s effectiveness

      Parish Nurses, Health Care Chaplains, and Community Clergy is a must for practitioners, educators, and students who will be entering these vital professions!

    • About the Editors
    • Contributors
    • Preface
    • Section I: Introduction to Parish Nursing and Health Care Chaplaincy
    • Chapter 1. Who Are Parish Nurses?
    • Varied Professional Backgrounds
    • A Personal Story
    • Resources
    • History of Parish Nursing
    • Types of Practice
    • Chapter 2. An Introduction to Health Care Chaplaincy
    • Spiritual Well-Being/Spiritual Distress
    • Additional Services of Chaplains
    • The Profession of Pastoral Care
    • Conclusion
    • Section II: Religious and Theological Considerations
    • Chapter 3. Toward a Christian Theology of Nursing
    • A History of Nursing and the Church
    • How Theology Informs Nursing
    • Section III: Preparation for Parish Nursing—Spiritual Formation and Clinical Pastoral Education
    • Chapter 4. Spiritual Formation for Parish Nursing
    • Introduction
    • Spiritual Formation
    • Conclusion
    • Chapter 5. A Mystical Understanding of Clinical Pastoral Education
    • Chapter 6. Parish Nursing and Clinical Pastoral Education
    • Developing the Program
    • The Program
    • Issues Raised by Parish Nurses
    • Evaluation of the Program
    • Conclusion
    • Chapter 7. A Partnership That Matters: Collaborative Interdisciplinary Ministry Among Faith Community Nurses and Faith Group Leaders
    • What Our Experience Has Taught Us
    • The McGill Model of Nursing Informs Our Collaborative Experience
    • Collaborative Learning Through Inquiry
    • Concluding Remarks
    • Chapter 8. Nurses and the Clergy Working Together: Meeting the Challenge
    • Background
    • Relationship Building
    • Perceptions of Parish Nursing
    • Approach to Planning
    • The Institute Program
    • Section IV: Interprofessional Dynamics
    • Chapter 9. How to Begin a Parish Health Ministry: A Juggling Act
    • Prejuggling
    • Entering the Arena
    • Beginning Juggling
    • Keeping the Balls in the Air
    • Losing Control of the Balls
    • When to Pass the Ball
    • Adding More Balls
    • Evaluation
    • The Show Must Go On
    • Chapter 10. Invitation to a Shared Community Ministry
    • Health Care Chaplains and Spiritual Care
    • Role of the Church
    • Parish Nurse Ministry
    • Weaving a Shared Ministry
    • Does It Always Work?
    • Achieving a Continuum of Spiritual Care
    • Chapter 11. Spiritual Care: Bridging the Disciplines in Congregational Health Ministries
    • Terminology
    • Ministry Events
    • Principles of Effective Collaboration
    • Role Violations
    • Conclusion
    • Chapter 12. Faith Community Nursing and Health Care Chaplaincy in Australia: A New Collaboration
    • Faith Community Nursing in Australia
    • Social and Religious Context in Australia
    • Supportive Relationships Among Clergy, Nurses and Health Committees
    • Trust and Communication
    • Developing a Continuum of Spiritual Care
    • FCN and Chaplaincy Pilot Project
    • Epilogue
    • Section V: Practice Models
    • Chapter 13. A Parish Nurse and Pastor Reflect on their Personal and Corporate Ministry of Pastoral Care
    • Ministry Is Personal, Corporate, and Collaborative
    • Wellness and Illness
    • Staff for Pastoral Care—As Art
    • Chapter 14. A Conversation with Pastoral Church Staff Members About Their Parish Nurse Program
    • Chapter 15. Connections, Collisions, and Complimentarity: The Dynamic of Health Care Chaplain, Parish Nurse, and Parish Clergy Collaboration
    • Background
    • Chaplain and Parish Nurse Entry into Community
    • Definitions and Case Examples
    • Conclusion
    • Chapter 16. Modeling the Wisdom of Journeying Together: Parish Nursing and Chaplaincy
    • The Journey
    • The Ministry of Relationships and Modeling
    • Implementation of Vision into Reality
    • Evaluating Our Journey
    • Our Continued Challenge
    • Section VI: Relationships to Health Care Institutions
    • Chapter 17. The Role of the Health Care Institution in Pastor and Parish Nurse Team Building
    • The Institution’s Support of the Volunteer Parish Nurse Program
    • A Contin


    Larry VandeCreek, DMin, retired as Director of Pastoral Research at the HealthCare Chaplaincy, Inc. in New York City on June 30, 2001. Dr. VandeCreek is a member of numerous professional associations including the Association of Professional Chaplains, Inc., the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, and the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education. Sue Mooney, BSN, earned her degree from The Ohio State University and a compelled unit of clinical pastoral education at Grant/Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. She is a parish