Parish Nursing : A Handbook for the New Millennium book cover
1st Edition

Parish Nursing
A Handbook for the New Millennium

ISBN 9780789018182
Published September 9, 2003 by Routledge
248 Pages

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Book Description

Make parish nursing an alternative to shrinking healthcare resources!

Because of shrinking healthcare resources, both human and monetary, parish nurses in the future will be called upon to deal with rising numbers of elderly and the end-of-life issues that accompany aging. Parish Nursing: A Handbook for the New Millennium is a guide to designing programs that can complement a congregation's ministry priorities for senior adults, identifying strengths to reinforce and weaknesses to avoid. Stories from the fields of service capture the sweat equity and history of the re-emergence of nursing in churches.

Parish Nursing: A Handbook for the New Millennium is a practical planning guide for parish nurses and congregational committee members with limited experience in program development. Suitable for use with multiple faith traditions, the book demonstrates how to take responsibility for health ministries without leaning on direction from local hospitals. Parish Nursing presents multiple practice models, intervention strategies, and methods of program evaluation responsive to boundaries and traditions of various communities of faith.

Parish Nursing includes:

  • conceptual frameworks
  • program design options
  • outlines from field-tested training modules
  • program evaluation options and challenges
  • and much more!
In 2001, there were 35 million people over the age of 65 living in the United States—a number that’s expected to double in the next 10 years. The American Academy of Family Physicians estimates that nearly 20 percent of family doctors are no longer accepting new Medicare patients. Parish Nursing: A Handbook for the New Millennium is an essential resource for nurses, pastors, and church leaders starting a parish nurse ministry to deal with the growing number of “forgotten” elderly persons.

Table of Contents

  • About the Editor
  • Foreword
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Part I: Planning for New Millennium Parish Nursing
  • Chapter 1. A New Landscape for Parish Nursing
  • The New Landscape
  • A Word from the New Executive Director of the IPNRC
  • Structural Integrity
  • Lessons in Reflection
  • Revisioning the Foundation
  • Summary
  • Chapter 2. Overview of Parish Nursing
  • Scope and Standards of Parish Nursing Practice
  • Parish Nurse Ministry in the Lutheran Missouri Synod
  • Effectiveness of Parish Nurse Programs
  • Chapter 3. A Spirit of Commitment and Creativity
  • The Beginnings
  • The Congregational Outreach Program
  • Creative Growth
  • Creative Resources
  • What Went Wrong
  • Conclusion and Future Creativity
  • Chapter 4. From the Westberg Project to the New Millennium
  • History
  • Parish Nurse Education
  • Entry into Practice
  • Parish Nursing and Health Care Politics
  • Pioneering Stories
  • Parish Nursing in the New Millennium
  • Summary
  • Part II: Seeking Structure
  • Chapter 5. Models for Congregational and Parish Nursing Programs
  • Three Models
  • Levels of Intervention for Parish Nurse Programs
  • Summary
  • Chapter 6. Structure for a Church-Based Parish Nurse Ministry
  • Where Are We Now?
  • What Should Be Done?
  • What Will Be Done?
  • How Have We Done?
  • Summary
  • Appendix: Sample Job Description for a Parish Nurse
  • Chapter 7. Barriers, Difficulties, and Challenges
  • Carol’s Personal Journey
  • Barriers Within the Faith Community
  • Difficulties from Without the Faith Community
  • Challenges of Interdisciplinary Collaboration
  • Summary
  • Part III: Using the Feedback
  • Chapter 8. The Experience of Parish Nursing
  • The Context of Parish Nursing
  • Elements of Culture
  • The Experiences
  • Summary
  • Chapter 9. Preparation for Community-Based Work
  • Background
  • Immediate Educational Needs
  • Instructional Modules Funded by the Saint Ann Foundation
  • The Realities
  • Reflections and Summary
  • Appendix A: Health, Healing, and Wholeness Series
  • Appendix B: Youth Program—Praying for Health, Healing, and Wholeness
  • Chapter 10. Program Evaluation
  • Reasons to Evaluate
  • Evaluation Methods
  • Chapter 11. Developing Resources
  • Human Resources
  • Finances
  • Community Development
  • Part IV: Parish Nursing and End-of-Life Issues
  • Chapter 12. End-of-Life Issues
  • Dying in the United States
  • Description of End-of-Life Issues
  • Historical Perspective
  • The Spiritual Dimension
  • Summary
  • Chapter 13. A Role for Parish Nursing in End-of-Life Care
  • Demands of the Aging Population
  • Social Demand for End-of-Life Care
  • The Burdened Health Care System
  • Prevalence of Disease
  • Institute of Medicine Core Principles for End-of-Life Care
  • Parish Nursing Practice
  • Summary
  • Index
  • Reference Notes Included

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