1st Edition

Parkinson's Disease and Quality of Life

    208 Pages
    by Routledge

    208 Pages
    by Routledge

    Learn to handle the problems that Parkinson's patients face

    Through Parkinson's Disease and Quality of Life, you will discover common problem areas seen in patients with Parkinson's disease. This book explores problems that interfere with functional independence of patients and gives examples of occupational therapy intervention and treatment techniques. Parkinson's Disease and Quality of Life boldly deals with many seldom talked about real-life issues facing people with Parkinson's disease, including continued sexual intimacy and urinary incontinence. Although these issues may not be curable, this book provides you with effective treatments through data and case studies.

    Parkinson's Disease and Quality of Life offers caregivers a step-by-step plan to get organized. It includes a plan to put together a workbook of all relevant information, as well as tips on how to safeguard every room for a Parkinson's disease patient. This book helps remind you that the families of the patient must not be forgotten and that they can get the help they need through support groups, community resources, and from professional staffing such as nurses and aides. Parkinson's Disease and Quality of Life will assist you in helping your patients by:

    • using music therapy to help calm patients
    • realizing the legal impact of Parkinson's disease by discussing living wills, health care proxies, durable power of attorney, and revocable and irrevocable trusts with your clients
    • discovering that cognitive changes, dementia, and depression can complicate the treatment of the disease and be more disabling than the loss of motor function
    • exploring the nursing home as a viable options for clients as well as their families
    Parkinson's Disease and Quality of Life also brings to light the important subject of knowing the patients insurance policies and working out contingency plans, like living wills, before they are needed. This book gives you much-needed information on accessing benefits for Parkinson's patients, including medicare, social security, Veteran's benefits, and much more. Parkinson's Disease and Quality of Life is full of methods and ideas to improve the lives of the Parkinson's patient as well as their families.

      • Shortness of Breath Among Persons with Parkinson's Disease
      • Accessing Benefits for Parkinson's Patients
      • Physician and Patients in Managing Parkinson's Disease
      • The Final Gift: Autopsy and Brain Donation
      • Intimacy, Sexuality, and Idiopathic Parkinsonism: The Unchartered Waters
      • Genetic Counseling and Parkinson's Disease
      • Sexuality and Parkinson's
      • Use of Animals in Scientific Research, Education, and Training
      • Genetic Factors in Parkinson's Disease
      • PET Applications to Surgical Treatment of Parkinson's Disease
      • Can Your Insurance Manage the Demands of a Chronic Illness?
      • Maximizing Independence: Occupational Therapy Intervention for Patients with Parkinson's Disease
      • Brain Tissue Donation in Research on Parkinsonism
      • Lesion Surgery for Parkinson's Disease: Practical Aspects of New Developments
      • Reviewing the Case for an Environmental Cause of Parkinson's Disease
      • Oral Health, Dental Care and the Quality of Life Issues in Parkinson's Disease
      • Managing Incontinence in People with Parkinson's Disease
      • Nursing Home Care as an Option
      • Health Care Proxies
      • Fetal Tissue Implantation
      • Proportioned Carbohydrate: Protein Diet in the Management of Parkinson's Disease
      • On Being an Advocate for Parkinson's Disease Research
      • How to Get Organized as a Caregiver
      • Cognitive Change, Dementia, and Depression in Parkinson's Disease
      • Speech-Language Therapy for Patients with Parkinson's Disease
      • GI Problems in Parkinsonism
      • Self-Care: The Parkinsonian's Wellness Map
      • Using Music Therapy with Parkinsonians
      • Accommodating Parkinson's Disease: A Review of the Perspective of the Caregiver and the Parkinsonian
      • Medical Expenses and Taxes
      • Index
      • Reference Notes Included


      Cote, Lucien; Sprinzeles, Lola L.; Elliott, Robin; Kutscher, Austin H.