1st Edition

Parliaments and Parties in Egypt

By Jacob M. Landau Copyright 1953
    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    228 Pages
    by Routledge

    Egypt was the first Arabic-speaking country to throw off the yoke of Turkish rule, with an attendant growth in European influence. The impact of the West was most obvious in the political-constitutional field, with the gradual adoption of Western patterns of government and political life. This book, first published in 1953, is the first work to trace the development of parliamentary institutions and political parties in Egypt and to consider the extent of Western influence on their inception, evolution and disruption. Based on both Arabic and European sources, it is a comprehensive examination of the subject, and is key to the understanding of the development of the modern Middle East.

    Part 1. Parliamentary Institutions  1. The 1866-67 Assembly  2. The Assemblies from 1868 to 1878  3. The 1879 Assembly  4. The 1881-1882 Assembly  5. Parliamentary Life, 1883-1912  6. The Legislative Assembly  7. The 1924 Parliament  Part 2. Political Parties  8. The Secret Societies  9. The National Party  10. Young Egypt  11. Al-hizb al-watani  12. Minor Parties in the Early 20th Century  13. The Wafd  14. Minor Parties in the Post-War Years  Conclusion. The Recent Years


    Jacob M. Landau