1st Edition

Partial Differential Equations On Multistructures

Edited By Felix Mehmeti, Joachim Von Below, Serge Nicaise Copyright 2001

    This text is based on lectures presented at the International Conference on Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) on Multistructures, held in Luminy, France. It contains advances in the field, compiling research on the analyses and applications of multistructures - including treatments of classical theories, specific characterizations and modellings of multistructures, and discussions on uses in physics, electronics, and biology.

    Transient vibrations of planar networks of beams - interaction of flexion, transversal and longitudinal waves; can one hear the shape of a network?; sensitivity analysis of 2D interface cracks; on the asymptotic expansion of the solution of a Dirichlet-Ventcel problem with a small parameter; on instantaneous control of singularly perturbed hyperbolic systems on graphs; Hadamard formula in non-smooth domains and applications; singular stress field at the tip of a closed interface crack; on the geometric and algebraic multiplicities for eigenvalue problems on graphs; the asymptotic Laplace transform - new results and relation to Komatsu's Laplace transform of hyperfunctions; some systems of PDE on polygonal networks; about a geometrical approach to multistructures and some qualitative properties of solutions; study of a vibration problem for a perforated plate with Fourier boundary conditions; singular perturbations with non-smooth limit and finite element approximation of layers for model problems of shells; modelling of a thin piezoelectric shell coupled with a distributed electronic circuit by piezoelectric transducers.


    Felix Ali Mehmeti (Edited by) Serge Nicaise (Universite de Valenciennes, France) (Edited by), Joachim Von Below (Edited by)