Partial Differential Equations  book cover
1st Edition

Partial Differential Equations

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ISBN 9780824707804
Published May 6, 2002 by CRC Press
312 Pages

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Book Description

This impressive compilation of the material presented at the International Conference on Partial Differential Equations held in Fez, Morocco, represents an integrated discussion of all major topics in the area of partial differential equations--highlighting recent progress and new trends for real-world applications.

Table of Contents

Nonresonance for a Nonautonomous Elliptic Problem with Respect to the Conical Fucik Spectrum
A. Addou, B. Bentahar, and O. Chakrone
Maximum and Antimaximum Principles for Some Elliptic Systems Involving Schrödinger Operators
Bénédicte Alziary, Naziha Besbas, Laure Cardoulis, and Jacqueline Fleckinger
Weak Solutions for Some Reaction-Diffusion Systems with Mass Control and Critical Growth with Respect to the Gradient
N. Alaa and I. Mounir
Fucik Spectrum for the Neumann Problem with Indefinite Weights
Mohssine Alif
Decay of Mass for a Semilinear Parabolic System
L. Amour and T. Raoux
Maximum Principle for First Order Nonlinear Elliptic System
A. Anane, Z. El Allali, and N. Tsouli
Nonresonance Conditions on the Potential for a Neumann Problem
A. Anane and A. Dakkak
Some Remarks on the Antimaximum Principle and the Fucik Spectrum for the p-Laplacian
M. Arias
Existence Result for a Second Order Nonlinear Degenerate Elliptic Equation in Weighted Orlicz-Sobolev Spaces
E. Azroul and Abdelmoujib Benkirane
Existence of Renormalized Solutions for Some Elliptic Problems Involving Derivatives of Nonlinear Terms in Orlicz Spaces
Abdelmoujib Benkirane and J. Bennouna
On a Necessary Condition for Some Strongly Nonlinear Elliptic Equations in Rn
Abdelmoujib Benkirane and M. Kbiri Alaoui
On the Regularizing Effect of Strongly Increasing Lower Order Terms
Lucio Boccardo
On the Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions of a Damped Oscillator under a Sublinear Friction Term: From the Exceptional to the Generic Behaviors
J. I. Díaz and A. Liñán
Landesman-Lazer Problems for the p-Laplacian
P. Drábek and S. Robinson
Optimal BMO and £p,l Estimates Near the Boundary for Solutions of a Class of Degenerate Elliptic Problems
A. El Baraka
On the First Eigencurve of the p-Laplacian
A. Elkhalil and Abdelfattah Touzani
Compactness Results in Inhomogeneous Orlicz-Sobolev Spaces
A. Elmahi
On a Degenerate Parabolic Equation with Nonlocal Reaction Term
Abdelilah Gmira and Rachid Eloulaïmi
Existence of Nontrivial Solutions for Some Elliptic Systems in R2
S. El Manouni and Abdelfattah Touzani
Viscosity Solution for a Degenerate Parabolic Problem
Mohamed Maliki
Remarks on Inhomogeneous Elliptic Eigenvalue Problems
Vesa Mustonen and Matti Tienari
On the First Curve of the Fucik Spectrum of an Elliptic Operator with Weight
N. Nakbi and Abdelfattah Touzani
Asymptotics of Solutions of Quasilinear Parabolic Equations via the Refined Energy Method and Semiclassical Limit of Schrödinger Operators
Laurent Véron

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