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Participatory Memory Practices: Digital Media, Design, Futures

About the Series

The Participatory Memory Practices series provides a forum for research on a crucial challenge in pluralistic societies: the organisation of open, participatory and socially inclusive memory practices in contemporary digital media environments.

Advancing inter- and transdisciplinary research, the series examines how and in which ways memory practices in digital media are open for engagement of people from diverse backgrounds. It analyses the modalities of memory making and how they can enable institutional and public memory making with a broad spectrum of people and groups in civil society at local, trans-local, national and transnational levels. The series will examine the mediatized character of memory making, whilst also considering what sort of obstacles and potential benefits emerge from participatory memory making. As a whole, the series aims to be a source of knowledge and ideas for creating socially inclusive, sustainable and future-oriented memory practices. It will publish forward-looking, empirically grounded research monographs and edited collections that set the multidisciplinary research agenda for studying heritage in contemporary digital media as an element and a driver of cultural and social change.

Titles within the Participatory Memory Practices series will appeal to academics and students working in memory studies, heritage studies, museum studies, information studies, archival studies, design anthropology and participatory design, social and cultural anthropology, diversity studies, migration studies, media studies and sociology.

The Series Editors welcome proposals that explore the political and social significance of memory institutions and their ethical implications for participatory and socially inclusive memory practices in contemporary digitalized and pluralistic societies. If you have an idea for a book that you think would be appropriate for the series, then please contact the Series Editors and they will be able to provide some initial feedback and information about next steps.

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