344 Pages 120 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Written by an expanded team of leading international scientists, the second edition thoroughly investigates research and therapies for managing adverse physiological effects of air-borne particles on the respiratory tract. The book examines the lung as the gateway for particle damage to organs outside the respiratory system and provide the information needed to understand and combat the numerous and varied ailments caused by inhaled particles.

    Structure and Function of the Lung
    Functional Aspects of Lung Structure as Related to Interaction with Particles, Christian Muhlfeld and Matthias Ochs

    Particle Characteristics
    Ambient Tropospheric Particles, Paul A. Solomon and Daniel L. Costa
    Manufactured Nanoparticles, Robert N. Grass, Ludwig K. Limbach, and Wendelin J. Stark
    Particulate Carriers for Pulmonary Drug Delivery, Stephanie Hein, Andreas Henning, Michael Bur, Marc Schneider, and Claus-Michael Lehr

    Inhalation of Particles
    Deposition, Retention and Clearance, and Translocation of Inhaled Fine and Nano-Sized Particles
    in the Respiratory Tract, Winfried Moller, Wolfgang G. Kreyling, Otmar Schmid, Manuela Semmler-Behnke, and Holger Schulz

    Health Effects of Particle Inhalation
    The Epidemiology of Particle Health Effects, Joel Schwartz
    Cardiovascular Consequences of Particles, Mark W. Frampton, Mark J. Utell, and Jonathan M. Samet
    Autonomic Mediation of the Cardiac Responses to Particle Exposure, Beatriz Gonzalez-Flecha
    Effects of Airborne Particles on Respiratory Viral Infection, Ilona Jaspers and Katherine Horvath
    Airborne Particles and Structural Remodeling of the Lungs, Amy K. Madl, Christopher Carosino, and Kent E. Pinkerton

    Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Particle Health Effects
    Effect of Particles on Mucus and Mucociliary Clearance,
    Malcolm King
    The Role of Surfactant in Particle Exposure, Francis H. Y. Green, Samuel Schurch, Matthias Amrein, Peter J. Gerber, and Zoya Leonenko
    Nanoparticle–Cell Membrane Interactions, Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser, Fabian Blank, Christian Muhlfeld, and Peter Gehr
    Mechanisms and Processes Underlying Toxicological Responses to Particles, Vicki Stone and Ken Donaldson
    Aeroallergen-Lung Interactions, Carsten Schleh and Jens M. Hohlfeld
    Dose-Response Relationships, Tobias Stoeger and Otmar Schmid


    Peter Gehr, University of Berne, Switzerland. Christian Mühlfeld, University of Giessen, Germany. Barbara Rothen-Rutishauser, University of Berne, Switzerland. Fabian Blank University of Berne, Switzerland.