1st Edition

Particles on Surfaces: Detection, Adhesion and Removal, Volume 7

Edited By Kash L. Mittal Copyright 2002

    This volume documents the proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Particles on Surfaces: Detection, Adhesion and Removal held in Newark, NJ, June 19-21, 2000. The study of particles on surfaces is extremely important in a host of diverse technological areas, ranging from microelectronics to optics to biomedical. This volume contains a total of 28 papers, which were all properly peer reviewed, revised and edited before inclusion. Therefore, this book is not merely a collection of unreviewed manuscripts, but rather represents information which has passed peer scrutiny. Furthermore, the authors were asked to update their manuscripts, so the information contained in this book should be current and fresh. This volume is divided into two parts: 1) Particle Analysis and General Cleaning-Related Topics; and 2) Particle Adhesion and Removal. The topics covered include: surface analysis techniques for particle identification; cleaning, rinsing and drying issues in post-CMP cleaning; fundamental forces involved in particle adhesion; factors affecting adhesion of small (nanosize) particles; factors important in particle detachment; particle adhesion measurement by AFM; various (wet and dry) techniques for particle removal, e.g., laser, ultrasonic, megasonic, use of surfactants; toner particles and pharmaceutical particles. This volume offers a wealth of information on the tremendously technologically important field of particles on surfaces and should provide a consolidated source of current R&D activity in this arena. Therefore, it will be of value and use to anyone interested in the topic of particles on surfaces.

    Part 1: Particle Analysis and General Cleaning-Related Topics, Part 2: Particle Adhesion and Removal


    Kash L. Mittal

    '...Each paper is well documented with illustrations, photos, charts, data, and references, as appropriate. [...] This book is oriented to those researchers specializing in surface technology and contains appropriate equations and text, and for those researchers, this book is RECOMMENDED.' Adhesives & Sealants Newsletter, 2004.