1st Edition

Particles on Surfaces: Detection, Adhesion and Removal, Volume 9

Edited By Kash L. Mittal Copyright 2006

    This volume chronicles the proceedings of the 9th International Symposium on Particles on Surfaces: Detection, Adhesion and Removal held in Philadelphia, PA, June 2004. The study of particles on surfaces is crucially important in a legion of diverse technological areas, ranging from microelectronics to biomedical to space. This volume contains a total of 21 papers covering many ramifications of particles on surfaces, ranging from detection to removal. All manuscripts were rigorously peer-reviewed and revised, and properly edited before inclusion in this book. The topics covered include: imaging and analysis of macro and nanosize particles and surface features; determination of particles on surfaces; laser inactivation on surfaces; laser-assisted nanofabrication on surfaces; post-CMP cleaning process; pre-gate cleaning; solar panel obscuration in the Martian atmosphere; adhesion and friction of microsized particles; microroughness of textile fibers and capture of particles; factors affecting particle adhesion and removal; various techniques for cleaning or removal of particles from different substrates including laser, combination of laser-induced shockwave and explosive vaporization of liquid, attenuated total internal reflection of laser light, CO2 snow, use of dense phase fluids, use of surfactants and impinging air jet; and removal of sub-100-nm particles.

    Preface Part 1: Particle Detection/Analysis/Characterization and General Cleaning-Related Topics Recent developments in imaging and analysis of micro- and nanosize particles and surface features R. Kohli Photodigital imaging as a means of monitoring particulate contamination on surfaces R. Kaiser, J. Grilly and A. Kulczyk Determination of residual particles on surfaces. An updated method for particle extraction using ultrasonics S. B. Awad Laser inactivation of surfaces and detection of bacteria I. A. Watson, D. E. S. Stewart-Tull, R. Parton, I. Peden, A. Yeo, B. K. Tan and G. Ward Laser-assisted nanofabrication on surfaces using micro- and nanoparticles Y. F. Lu, L. P. Li, K. K. Mendu, J. Shi, D. W. Doerr and D. R. Alexander Clean-then-assemble versus assemble-then-clean: Several comparisons R. W. Welker Development of a non-contact post-CMP cleaning process for copper D. A. Koos, J. Svirchevski, D. J. Vitkavage, D. G. Hansen, K. A. Reinhardt, F. Huang, M. Mitchel and G. Zhang Using ozonated DI water for pre-gate cleaning L. Liu, I. Kashkoush, A. Walter and R. Novak Decontamination of surrogate Pu-238 legacy wastes R. Kaiser, J. Desrosiers and A. Kulczyk Solar panel obscuration by dust and dust mitigation in the Martian atmosphere M. K. Mazumder, A. S. Biris, C. E. Johnson, C. U. Yurteri, R. A. Sims, R. Sharma, K. Pruessner, S. Trigwell and J. S. Clements Part 2: Particle Adhesion and Removal Adhesion and friction of single micrometer-sized particles M. Kappl, L. Heim, S. Ecke, M. Farshchi and H. J. Butt The effect of laser-induced micro-roughness of textile fibers on adhesion and capture of micrometer-sized particles T. Bahners, K. Opwis, T. Textor, W. Labuda and E. Schollmeyer Advances in wafer cleaning and particle removal technology K. A. Reinhardt Particle removal challenges and solutions in semiconductor fabrication CMP processes M. T. Andreas Laser cleaning of model sub-micrometer particulate contaminants from Si surfaces S. I. Kudryashov, S. D. Shukla and S. D. Allen Removal of particles using the combined effect of laser-induced shock wave and explosive vaporization of liquid D. Jang and D. Kim Particle removal by attenuated total internal reflection of laser light G. Dubé, A. J. Braundmeier, Jr. and J. D. Kelley Removal of sub-100-nm particles from structured substrates with CO2 snow J. C. J. van der Donck, R. Schmits, R. E. van Vliet and Ton (A.) G. T. M. Bastein Particle removal by dense-phase fluids using ultrasonics W. T. McDermott, G. Parris, D. V. Roth and C. J. Mammarella Prediction of particle removal using surfactants M. L. Free Removal of micrometer-size particles from solid surfaces by an impinging air jet K. Gotoh


    Kash L. Mittal