1st Edition

Past and Present in Hunter Gatherer Studies

Edited By Carmel Schrire Copyright 2009

    This volume shows how hunter gatherer societies maintain their traditional lifeways in the face of interaction with neighboring herders, farmers, and traders. Using historical, anthropological and archaeological data and cases from Africa, Australia, and Southeast Asia, the authors examine hunter gatherer peoples—both past and present--to assess these relationships and the mechanisms by which hunter gatherers adapt and maintain elements of their culture in the wider world around them.

    Contributors, Foreword, Preface, 1. Wild Surmises on Savage Thoughts, 2. Hunters and History: A Case Study from Western Tasmania, 3. Interactions of Past and Present in Arnhem Land, North Australia, 4. Forager Resource and Land Use in the Humid Tropics: The Agta of Northeastern Luzon, the Philippines, 5. Punan Foragers in the Trading Networks of Southeast Asia, 6. Soaqua and Bushmen: Hunters and Robbers, 7. Prehistoric Herders and Foragers of the Kalahari: The Evidence for 1500 Years of Interaction, 8. The IKung in the Kalahari Exchange: An Ethnohistorical Perspective, 9. Ideological Continuities in Prehistoric Southern Africa: The Evidence of Rock Art, 10. To Find Ourselves: Art and Social Geography of Prehistoric Hunter Gatherers, Author Index, Subject Index


    Carmel Schrire