1st Edition

Pastoral Care in Medieval England Interdisciplinary Approaches

Edited By Peter Clarke, Sarah James Copyright 2019
    236 Pages
    by Routledge

    236 Pages
    by Routledge

    Pastoral Care, the religious mission of the Church to minister to the laity and care for their spiritual welfare, has been a subject of growing interest in medieval studies. This volume breaks new ground with its broad chronological scope (from the early eleventh to the late fifteenth centuries), and its interdisciplinary breadth. New and established scholars from a range of disciplines, including history, literary studies, art history and musicology, bring their specialist perspectives to bear on textual and visual source materials. The varied contributions include discussions of politics, ecclesiology, book history, theology and patronage, forming a series of conversations that reveal both continuities and divergences across time and media, and exemplify the enriching effects of interdisciplinary work upon our understanding of this important topic.

    List of Contributors


    Introduction, by Peter D. Clarke

      1. Reform and dedication of churches in eleventh-century Exeter

      2. by Erika Corradini

      3. Old English Confessional Prayers for the Clergy and the Laity

      4. by Catherine Cubitt

      5. Making books for pastoral care in late eleventh-century Worcester: Oxford, Bodleian Library, Junius MS 121 and Hatton MSS 113 + 114

      6. by Helen Foxhall Forbes

      7. What to Ask in Confession: A List of Sins from Thirteenth-Century England

      8. by Catherine Rider

      9. Songs and Sermons in Thirteenth-Century England

      10. by Helen Deeming

      11. Pastoral Care, Pastoral Cares, Pastoral Carers: Configuring the Cura pastoralis in Pre-Reformation England

      12. by Robert Swanson

      13. Enforcing Religious Conformity in Late Medieval England:Lateran IV canon 21 and the church courts

      14. by Peter D. Clarke

      15. Robert Mannyng and the Imagined Reading Communities for Handlyng Synne

      16. by Ryan Perry

      17. Unclean priests and the body of Christ: the Elucidarium and pastoral care in fifteenth-century England

      18. by Sarah James

      19. The priest and the patronage of stained glass in late medieval Norfolk

                        by Claire Daunton



    Dr Sarah James is a Senior Lecturer in Medieval Literature at the University of Kent. Her major field of interest is medieval hagiography from c.1100-1500, including both the Latin west and more recently Byzantium in her research. She is also absorbed by the development of theology as an academic discipline, and particularly the ways in which academic theological positions are mediated in order to promote pastoral care. She has written on theologies of vision, pleasure and the Eucharist, and also on the vernacular theological writings of Bishop Reginal Pecock and the Austin Friar John Capgrave.

    Peter D. Clarke is Professor of Ecclesiastical History at the University of Southampton. He specializes in the history of the Western Church from c. 1100 down to the Reformation. His research interests focus on Western canon law and its application in this period and on the later medieval papacy and its impact at a local level. His recent publications have included a three-volume edition (with Patrick Zutshi) of petitions from England and Wales to the papal penitentiary (1410-1503) and a monograph on the Ecclesiastical Interdict in the Thirteenth Century.