Path to Zero : Dialogues on Nuclear Dangers book cover
1st Edition

Path to Zero
Dialogues on Nuclear Dangers

ISBN 9781612052144
Published October 30, 2012 by Routledge
256 Pages

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Book Description

The Path to Zero argues that it is time to re-open the public debate on nuclear weapons. In a series of clear and well-reasoned dialogues, long-time scholars and peace activists Richard Falk and David Krieger probe key questions about our nuclear capability and dig beneath the secrecy that has largely surrounded its existence. Falk and Krieger argue that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were only the beginning. In recent times, nuclear annihilation at the hands of rogue states and terrorists has become an even greater concern than the spectre of nuclear war between superpowers. The Path to Zero argues that whilst none of us has the power to bring about global change alone, together we are immensely powerful - powerful enough to overcome the threats of the Nuclear Age and move us appreciably along 'the path to zero'.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Nuclear Age; Chapter 2 Nuclear Deterrence; Chapter 3 Nuclear Proliferation; Chapter 4 Nuclear Arms Control and Nuclear Disarmament; Chapter 5 Nuclear Weapons and Militarism; Chapter 6 Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Energy; Chapter 7 Nuclear Weapons and International Law; Chapter 8 Nuclear Weapons, Culture, and Morality; Chapter 9 Nuclear Weapons and Democracy; Chapter 10 The Path to Zero;

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Richard Falk, David Krieger


“We are greatly privileged, like flies on the wall, to join this conversation between two remarkable stalwarts, Richard Falk and David Krieger, in the campaign for a nuclear-free world. It is unconscionable that so many of us seem to accept the prospect of our ‘mutually assured destruction’—the immoral massacre of millions of innocent victims—and to view with equanimity such a gross contravention of international law. Falk and Krieger discuss persuasively and cogently the folly of a reliance on nuclear weapons that can cause such apocalyptic devastation. If we want to survive in a habitable world, then we have no choice—we must heed, and do so urgently, these lovers of humankind.”
—Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Laureate

“In The Path to Zero, two of the world’s most experienced and wisest champions of nuclear disarmament take stock of our situation and chart the way forward. By no means agreeing on every point, they weigh, with subtlety and discrimination, the value of arms control agreements, the chances for nonproliferation, and the significance of these in the context of the effort to reach abolition. No one interested in the nuclear dilemma can afford to miss this trail-blazing book.”
—Jonathan Schell, author of The Fate of the Earth and The Seventh Decade

“A thoroughly readable, wonderfully wise, refreshingly candid conversation—unprecedented in its philosophical and cultural sweep and holistic understanding of the Nuclear Age and the predominant U.S. role in it. Packed with clearly explained yet concise illustrative historical anecdotes, Falk’s and Krieger’s complementary skills and experience blend into a fascinating tour de force. Full of fresh thinking, this is both a timely reference and an important guide for all those struggling for a nuclear weapon–free world.”
—Commander Robert Green, Royal Navy (Ret.), author of Security Without Nuclear Deterrence

“Nuclear armament is an issue that too many of us know is a terrible threat to world security but feel helpless to do anything about. Lucky for us, we have Richard Falk and David Krieger and their provocative and fine new book to lead the way. Every one of us has the right to care about this issue. The Path to Zero shows us how.”
—Maude Barlow, National Chair of The Council of Canadians, co-founder of the Blue Planet Project, and 2005 recipient of the Right Livelihood Award

“In The Path to Zero, Falk and Krieger engage in a stunningly eloquent dialogue on a range of nuclear dangers and our common responsibility to put an end to them. This is urgent reading for citizens, scientists, policymakers, and political leaders—actually for anyone who cares about the future of civilization and life on earth.”
—Daniel Ellsberg, releaser of the Pentagon Papers and subject of the Oscar-nominated documentary, The Most Dangerous Man in America

"The Path to Zero — a work of great insight and wisdom — is an important part of that global transformation."
—Dr. Lawrence S. Wittner, a professor of history emeritus at the State University of New York/Albany.