2nd Edition

Pathology of Melanocytic Disorders 2ed

By Walter Mooi, Thomas Krausz Copyright 2007
    496 Pages 450 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This authoritative reference work and practical bench book provides a thorough clinico-pathologic analysis of melanocytic disorders, as well as effective practical guidance in the diagnosis of problem lesions. The authors, both renowned experts in surgical pathology of tumors, expansively discuss clinical and microscopic characteristics of a very wide spectrum of melanocytic lesions. Key diagnostic features as well as potential pitfalls are highlighted in reader-friendly tables, facilitating quick reference in a busy diagnostic pathology practice. Pertinent up-to-date references are included and the index has been meticulously compiled.

    From reviews of the previous edition:
    'I strongly recommend this book to everyone interested in benign or malignant melanocytic disorders'. The New England Journal of Medicine

    'Any histopathologist or histopathology department with skin biopsies to report should have a copy of this book.' Histopathology

    'This book is undoubtedly a real advance for the diagnostic pathologist and I would recommend it to all departments: it will probably become the standard text on pigmented lesions' The Bulletin of the Royal College of Pathologists

    'I found the book a pleasure to read.  It is to be highly recommended for all routine pathological departments; those dealing with only occasional cases will easily find guidance and reassurance; those departments dealing with large numbers will find it helpful in the more unusual case.' The Journal of Pathology

    Part I: Introduction
    1 Melanin, Melanocytes, Skin
    2 Techniques and Practical Considerations
    Part II: Cutaneous Naevi and Other Pigmented Skin Lesions
    3 Common Acquired Naevus
    4 Spitz Naevus and Related Lesions
    5 Blue Naevus and Related Lesions
    6 Congenital Naevus
    7 Naevi as Melanoma Precursors; Dysplastic Naevus
    8 Skin Pigmentations Not Related to Naevi or Melanoma
    Part III: Cutaneous Melanoma
    9 Melanoma: General Features and Main Subtypes
    10 Melanoma: Variants
    11 Cytological Diagnosis of Melanoma
    12 Melanoma Prognosis; Staging
    Part IV: Extracutaneous Melanotic Tumours
    13 Melanocytic Tumours
    14 Non-melanocytic Melanotic Tumours
    · Recommendations of Directors of Anatomical Pathology (on melanoma reporting)
    · AJCC staging of Melanoma
    · Melanin stains
    · Table of the Most Relevant Antibodies


    Wolter Mooi, Professor of Pathology, VU Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

    Thomas Krausz,
    Professor of Pathology and Director of Anatomic Pathology, University of Chicago, USA.

    "This text not only presents an excellent discussion of the relevant literature, but also effectively incorporates the extensive practical experience of the 2 distinguished authors. It can not only be used gainfully beside the microscope by a resident learning about this complex field, but will also serve as a trusted reference text for experienced pathologists encountering the less routine melanocytic entities."

    American Journal of Surgical Pathology, November 2008