1st Edition

Patient Self Referral A Guide for Therapists

    This exciting series is unique in providing advice on management, leadership and development for those in the Allied Health Professions (AHP). This practical and comprehensive guide contains all the information you need to set up a self referral service successfully, including answers to frequently asked questions, sample referral forms, a sample poster, datasets, guides for consistency, an anticipated referral calculator tool and a complete glossary of terms. "Over the last ten years we have lost count of the inquiries we've fielded from all over the United Kingdom and from many other countries worldwide. We've been contacted by a wide range of healthcare providers, clinical staff from a variety of professions; therapists, nurses and doctors, service managers, professional bodies and healthcare policy makers and the questions have been the same. This is a practical guide that should help to take you relatively stress-free through the very important key stages of preparation. It will provide useful hints and tips to assist you in your decision making and will ensure as successful and painless a transition as possible." - Lesley Holdsworth and Valerie Webster, in the Introduction.

    Why write this guide. Who this guide is for. How to use this guide. Section 1: Background. Tracing the progress of access to physiotherapy. Why consider patient self referral. Legal and professional issues. What's in a name? Section checklist. Section 1 further reading list. Section 2: Before you start. Know your population. Know your service. What kind of patient self referral service is for you? The most frequently asked questions. Referrals. Waiting lists. Making critical friends. Section checklist. Section 2 further reading list. Section 3: Preparing for implementation. How will patients refer themselves? Publicising the change in access to your service. What Information do I need from patients? Measuring and demonstrating impact. Section checklist. Section 3 further reading list. Section 4: Final countdown to implementation. Testing your system. Publicising the launch of your service. Final countdown checklist.


    Lesley Holdsworth, Valerie Webster, Parminder Judge