1st Edition

Patriotic Correctness Academic Freedom and Its Enemies

By John K. Wilson Copyright 2008
    280 Pages
    by Routledge

    280 Pages
    by Routledge

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    After 9/11, liberal professors and students faced an onslaught of attacks on their patriotism and academic freedom. In a lively narrative this book tells the story of attacks on academic freedom in the past five years. It highlights nationally prominent and lesser known cases, drawing upon media reports, university documents, and reports and studies seldom seen by the public. It shows how conservative attacks on higher education distort the facts in order to pursue an assault on liberal ideas. A wave of Web sites and think-tanks urge students to spy on their professors for any sign of deviation from the new PC: Patriotic Correctness. Free speech on campus is facing its greatest threat in a half century, and Patriotic Correctness: Academic Freedom and Its Enemies documents the danger to rights and looks to solutions for ensuring and promoting the free exchange of ideas requisite in any thriving democracy.

    Introduction: The Rise of Patriotic Correctness Chapter 1: Academic Freedom in America after 9/11 Chapter 2: Censorship on Campus of Criticism of Israel Chapter 3: David Horowitz's Crusade for the "Academic Bill of Rights" Chapter 4: Biased Numbers: Counting Democrats and Republicans on Campus Chapter 5: Conservative Correctness and Free Speech on Campus Chapter 6: What Would Jesus Censor? Chapter 7: Dangerous Words: Freedom of the Press on Campus Chapter 8: The Wal-Mart University Conclusion: Fighting for Academic Freedom Notes Index About the Author


    John K. Wilson

    "Whether you agree or disagree with him, you are likely to enjoy reading John Wilson. His Patriotic Correctness is a crisply written, well argued engagement with many of the cultural conflicts surrounding higher education. Not only does the book take principled stands on current issues; it also anticipates tomorrow's headlines."
    -Cary Nelson, coauthor of Academic Keywords: A Devil's Dictionary for Higher Education

    “Drawing extensively on traditional media and the Internet, Patriotic Correctnesss should interest both general readers and students of educational policy. Its fast-paced, straightforward style will make it accessible to undergraduates. … likely to provoke spirited discussions among more advanced students, and it will help introduce aspiring teachers to the realities of academic life.”
    —Teaching History: A Journal of Methods