1st Edition

Pattern in English (RLE: English Language)
A Fresh Approach to Grammar

ISBN 9781138917132
Published February 2, 2017 by Routledge
164 Pages

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Book Description

This book, first published in 1950, is a collection of what the author felt to be the minimum of English grammar relevant to efficient communication in language. The scope of this title was determined by collecting from children’s writings examples of common faults and weaknesses, and it is through these texts that certain concepts emerged as fundamental, including predication, word-order, proximity, equivalents, variety and repetition. Pattern in English will be of interest to students of English language.

Table of Contents

Foreword;  Acknowledgements;  Part 1: Simple Sentences;  1. Sentence and Predication  2. Two-Item Basis: Subject and Verb  3. Three-Item Basis: Direct Object  4. Three-Item Basis: Subject-Complement  5. Four-Item Basis: Indirect Object  6. Four-Item Basis: Object-Complement  7. Word-Order: Commands, Questions, Exclamations  8. Case;  Part 2: Equivalents;  9. Word, Phrase and Clause  10. Verb-Equivalents  11. Noun-Equivalents  12. Adjective-Equivalents  13. Adverb-Equivalents  14. Revision;  Part 3: Assembling the Items;  15. Proximity  16. Link-Words;  Part 4: Multiple Sentences;  17. Compound Sentences  18. Complex Sentences: Adjective Clauses  19. Complex Sentences: Adverb Clauses  20. Complex Sentences: Noun Clauses  21. Compound-Complex Sentences  22. Revision;  Part 5: Paragraph Patterns;  23. Introduction: Variety v. Repetition  24. Number of Word-Clusters  25. Kind of Word-Clusters  26. Order of Word-Clusters;  Part 6: Appendices;  Appendix A: Prepositions, Adverbs and Conjunctions;  Appendix B: Adverbs and Adjectives;  Appendix C: Prepositions;  Appendix D: Tense;  Appendix E: Stencil Analysis;  Index

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