1st Edition

Peacekeeping and Public Information Caught in the Crossfire

By Ingrid Lehmann Copyright 1999
    190 Pages
    by Routledge

    190 Pages
    by Routledge

    Ms Lehmann has provided a timely and challenging prescription for just how the goals of placing communication functions at the heart of the strategic management of the UN might be achieved - and a dramatic warning of the consequences of failing to do so.

    Towards a theory of political communications for international organizations; public information management in UN peacekeeping; the information programme of UNTAG in Namibia, 1989-1990; the information and education programme UNTAC in Cambodia, 1992-1993; the failure to communicate - UNAMIR in Rwanda, 1994-1995; the information campaigns of UNMIH in Haiti, 1994-1996; peacekeeping in a propagandist environment - from  UNPROFOR to UNTAES in the Former Yugoslavia; comparisons and conclusions.


    Ingrid Lehmann

    'These case studies are masterful and have the immediacy of contemporary history. Dr Lehmann"s special strength is in her ability to digest and to simplify extremely complex operations. Her highly compressed and densely packed summaries of these served with UNTAG, has a narrative power not common in scholarly works ... this is an excellent book, an essential reading for those interested in and concerned with modern peace operations.' - Lieutenant Colonel James V. Arbuckle

    'This is an important and brave book. It is important because it is fresh, analytical and identifies the grave shortcomings in the handling of information and the media by the UN in conflicts and emergencies. It is brave because it is written by an insider who knows the deficiencies and wants organisations like the UN to learn the lessons. Peacekeeping and Public Information neatly treads a fine line. It is restrained when perhaps direct accusations could be levelled. But that restraint is its value, because Ingrid Lehmann is identifying shortcomings, not apportioning blame. The failings of procedures - and the need to rebuild them - matter more than the failures of personalities, which undoubtedly there have been in UN Operations. Not just the UN can learn from this book. Also humanitarian organisations, the media, the military, diplomats - and most significantly the corporate world.' - Nik Gowing, News Anchor and Analyst on Information in Conflict and Emergencies

    'I would make my choice available to all foreign news editors and all students of journalism ... [it] proves how important an understanding of peace operations mounted by the UN is.' - Linda Melvern, Glasgow Herald (Books of the Year)