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Pedagogy and Popular Culture

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Kitsch From Education to Public Policy

Kitsch: From Education to Public Policy

1st Edition


By Catherine A. Lugg
July 31, 2024

Kitsch-or tacky, simplistic art and art forms-is used by various political actors to shape and limit what we know about ourselves, what we know about our past and our future, as well as what our present-day public policy options might be. Using a plethora of historic and contemporary examples (such...

American Education and Corporations The Free Market Goes to School

American Education and Corporations: The Free Market Goes to School

1st Edition

By Deron Boyles
April 01, 2000

This work argues that private businesses use public schools as worker training sites, resulting in a devalued teaching force, students as uncritical consumers, and schools as economic markets. Boyles analyzes school-business partnerships, revealing false philanthropy and the ulterior motives behind...

Popular Culture and Critical Pedagogy Reading, Constructing, Connecting

Popular Culture and Critical Pedagogy: Reading, Constructing, Connecting

1st Edition

Edited By Toby Daspit, John A. Weaver
March 01, 2000

This collection attempts to incorporate cultural studies into the understanding of schooling, not simply addressing how students read themselves as "members" of a distinct culture, but how they, along with teachers and administrators, read popular texts in general. The purpose of this book is to ...

Teaching Toward the 24th Century Star Trek as Social Curriculum

Teaching Toward the 24th Century: Star Trek as Social Curriculum

1st Edition

By Karen Anijar
April 26, 2000

Trekkie popular culture sees Star Trek as a unifying myth. Dr Anijar explores this phenomenon in light of the influences of television in children's lives, and the effects of utopian interpretations of Star Trek on teaching practice....

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