1st Edition

Peers Helping Peers Programs For The Preadolescent

By Judith A. Tindall, Shirley Salmon Copyright 2003
    230 Pages
    by Routledge

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    First published in 1990. This book includes a program for peers helping peers at the pre-adolescent stage. It provides information for peer helpers to learn helping skills; be a special friend to others; become an effective helper; share with others and show they care. It will introduce skills such as getting acquainted, the helping process; caring- listening with your body; empathy; the 'I' message, helpful questioning; conflict resolution; decision-making and goal setting and putting peer helping into action.

    Part I Learning Activities; Chapter 1 Getting Acquainted; Activity1.1 Activity 1.1 Warm Up to Getting Acquainted; Activity1.2 Activity 1.2 Getting Acquainted; Activity1.3 Activity 1.3 Brag Bag; Activity1.4 Activity 1.4 Creating a Great Group; Activity1.5 Activity 1.5 Peak Experience in and/or Outside of School; Activity1.6 Activity 1.6 We all Have Had Succes; Activity1.7 Activity 1.7 What Worries Me the Most; Activity1.8 Activity 1.8 Self-commercial; Activity1.9 Activity 1.9 Body Tracing; Activity1.10 Activity 1.10 Sharing Topics; Activity1.11 Activity 1.11 Self-inventory of Getting along with Others; Chapter 2 Helping Process Skills; Activity2.1 Activity 2.1 How Others Help Me; Imagery Experience a Picture of Someone Helping Me; Activity2.2 Activity 2.2 Who Cares for Me; Activity2.3 Activity 2.3 Understanding How I Help; page.37 People I Have Helped and My Feelings; Activity2.4 Activity 2.4 Self-inventory of Helping Skills; Activity2.5 Activity 2.5 My Contract for Learning Helping Skills; Chapter 3 Caring Skills; Activity3.1 Activity 3.1 Body Language Warm-up; Activity3.2 Activity 3.2 What Others Communicate through Body Language; Activity3.3 Activity 3.3 Tune in to Others; Activity3.4 Activity 3.4 Comparing Nonattending to Attending; Activity3.5 Activity 3.5 Practice Effective Attending; Observer Feedback Form; Activity3.6 Activity 3.6 Communication and Listening; Chapter 4 Empathy Skills; Activity4.1 Activity 4.1 The Rumor Game; Activity4.2 Activity 4.2 Learning to Paraphrase Meaning; Activity4.3 Activity 4.3 Learning to Paraphrase Feelings; Activity4.4 Activity 4.4 The World is a Stage; Activity4.5 Activity 4.5 Rolling the Feeling Box; Activity4.6 Activity 4.6 Assessing the Feeling of Happiness; Year ’Round Happiness; Activity4.7 Activity 4.7 Feeling Happy; Activity4.8 Activity 4.8 Practicing Being Happy; Activity4.9 Activity 4.9 Steps to Happiness; Activity4.10 Activity 4.10 Assessing the Feeling of Sadness; Sadness Causes Ones I Can and Cant Control; Activit


    Tindall, Judith A.; Salmon, Shirley