1st Edition

People Management Skills in Practice A Case Study Collection

Edited By Laurie L. Levesque Copyright 2025
    132 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    132 Pages 2 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This practical text covers the essential aspects of managing employees, providing relevant and interesting case studies to enable students to develop the management skills and approaches needed at all levels. The book includes a wealth of case studies across industries including public relations, gaming, food service, healthcare, and nonprofits and hailing from several regions and cultures (including Australia, the Philippines, US, and Taiwan).

    The five core sections of the text each focus on a specific managerial skillset: dilemmas managers face when creating a positive work culture, power and influencing others, conflict within a team, managing a cross-cultural team, and motivating and fostering employee engagement. Within each section, short case studies feature real-life situations and managers who had to assess and respond to various challenges with subordinates, colleagues, or their immediate boss. Each case is supported by a case synopsis, reflective questions, and related learning activities. Instructors have access to teaching notes for each case that provide detailed discussion questions, an overview of concepts and their academic references, advanced reading suggestions, and activities that can be employed in class or as supplemental learning assignments.

    Comprehensive and practical, this case textbook is perfect core reading for any postgraduate managerial skills course, MBA, professional qualifications in management and leadership, and degree apprenticeship programmes.


    Laurie L. Levesque


    Case Preparation and Analysis for Students

    Gina Vega and Rob Edwards


    Part I Creating a Positive Climate and Organizational Culture


    Case 1      Quiet Springs: Engaging Your Team as a New Leader

                  Quinn W. Cunningham, Apryl L. Roach, and Eugene J. Kutcher


    Case 2      Building a (New) Company Culture at Ma Reilly's Cafe

        Laurie L. Levesque and George C. Kokoros


    Case 3      Reveal a Mistake to the Boss? Trust and Psychological Safety in a Market Research Team

        Amanda S. Patel


    Case 4      The Outspoken Contractor: Inclusion and Conflict Across Organizational Boundaries

        Gina Vega


    Part II Navigating Power Relationships


    Case 5     Employee Voice at Bitfrost: Different Perspectives of Managers and Employees to Voice Behavior

      Matheus Fonseca


    Case 6     The Undermined Manager: Diversity, Influence Tactics, or Inexperience?

      Holly Chiu


    Case 7     The Chairman’s Jokes: Dealing with a Leader’s Inappropriate Behavior

      Ralf Mehnert-Meland


    Part III Handling Workplace Conflict


    Case 8     Place of Hope and the Board Meeting Disruption

      Roland J. Kushner


    Case 9     Conflict Unveiled: Intergroup Blame Between Information Technology Teams

      Ankur Nandedkar and Roger S. Brown


    Case 10  Bias or Poor Training? The Wine Train Incident

      Monika L. Hudson and K. O. Hunter


    Part IV Managing Cross-Cultural Challenges


    Case 11  Culture Clash and the Unraveling of an Immigrant Entrepreneur’s American Dream

                 Rifat Mahmud, Joy A. Jones, and Elizabeth A. McCrea


    Case 12  Trust and Communication Across Borders: Leadership Challenges at Ellume Health

                 George C. Kokoros and Laurie L. Levesque


    Case 13  When in Rome (or Manila …): Where Business, Law, and Ethics Meet

      Ralf Mehnert-Meland


    Part V Motivating Subordinates and Fostering Engagement


    Case 14 Employee Retention in a PR Firm: Generational Differences or Insufficient Incentives?

      Holly Chiu and Laurie L. Levesque


    Case 15  Colleagues or Sloths? Collaboration and the Allocation of Credit for Contribution

      Gina Vega


    Case 16 Sandy Shores Care Center: A Long-Term Care Staffing Crisis

      Lindsey J. G. Creapeau and Kevin Hansen



    Laurie L. Levesque is an associate professor of management at Suffolk University where she co-leads a community of practice around case writing and teaching. Her publications appear in The Case Journal, The Case Research Journal, the International Journal of Instructional Cases, Academy of Management Review, Organization Science, Journal of Management Education, Management Teaching Review, and as the featured case in the Case Writing Workbook, 3e. She earned a doctorate from Carnegie Mellon University.