2nd Edition

People and Environment Behavioural Approaches in Human Geography

By D.J. Walmsley, G.J. Lewis Copyright 1993
    302 Pages
    by Routledge

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    First published in 1994. This book comprises a second edition of Human Geography, behavioural approaches, first published in 1984. The first edition attempted to synthesize the massive volume of geographical literature to have appeared mainly since 1960 concerned with both how people come to know the environment in which they live and with the way in which such knowledge influences subsequent ‘spatial behaviour’. As with the first edition, the rationale for, advantages of, and shortcomings with behavioural approaches are explored at length in both substantive chapters and in a number of detailed examinations of particular aspects of life in advanced Western society.

    Part 1 Introduction: people and environment. Part 2 Approaches to the study of people and environment: spatial interaction and spatial structures; structures in the mind and social structures; information and choice; image, behaviour and meaning; critique. Part 3 Fields of study: jobs and work; housing and migration; shops and shopping; leisure and recreation; belonging and well-being.


    D.J. Walmsley, G.L. Lewis