1st Edition

People on the Move Studies on Internal Migration

Edited By Leszek Kosiński, R.M. Prothero Copyright 1974

    Originally published in 1975, this volume examines conceptual and theoretical aspects of the study of internal migration, both in chapters dealing specifically with theory and data and in case studies. The book discusses the question of who migrates, and why and what are the patterns of flow and direction of movement. The consequences of migration are analysed. Migration is one of the most difficult components of population change to conceptualize and measure and this book considers a wide range of aspects of migration and the problems connected with it.

    Introduction: The Study of Migration. Part 1: Theoretical Issues. Introduction. 1. Migration and the Process of Modernization R. J. Pryor (Australia) 2. Space and Time in African Population Mobility W. T. S. Gould & R. M. Prothero (UK) 3. Development, Urbanization and Migration: A Test of a Hypothesis in the Third World M. E. Harvey (Sierra Leone) & J. B. Riddell (Canada) 4. Some Observations on Migration Theory for an Urban System J. C. Hudson (USA) 5. More on Models of Residential Change S. Gale (USA) 6. Housing and the Geographical Mobility of Labour in England and Wales: Some Theoretical Considerations J. H. Johnson, J. Salt & P. A. Wood (UK) Part 2: Data Introduction 7. Data and Measures in Migration Research L. A. Kosinski (Canada) 8. Sources for the Study of Migration in Southern Africa J. W. B. Perry (Lesotho) 9. Mobility in a Non-Literate Society: Method and Analysis for Two Guadalcanal Communities M. Chapman (USA) Part 3: Empirical and Comparative Studies Introduction 10. Interregional Migration Studies in Tropical Africa M. E. Harvey (Sierra Leone) 11. Interregional Migrations in Latin America P. P. Geiger (Brazil) 12. Internal Migration in Southeast Asian Countries R. C. Y. Ng (UK) 13. Patterns of Internal Migration in India G. S. Gosal & G. Krishan (India) 14. Interregional Migration in the United States and Canada D. R. Lycan (USA) 14. Migration and Changing Settlement Patterns in Alberta G. R. Lamont & V. B. Proudfoot (Canada) 16. Internal Migration in Western Europe A. J. Fielding (UK) 17. Population Trends and Prospects in Marginal Areas of Norway J. C. Hansen (Norway) 18. Interregional Migration in East-Central Europe L. A. Kosiński (Canada) Part 4: Migration of Specific Groups. Introduction 19. Overland Pilgrimage in the Savanna Lands of Africa J. S. Birks (UK) 20. Patterns of Maori Migration in New Zealand M. F. Poulsen, D. T. Rowland and R. J. Johnston (New Zealand) 21. A Spatio-Temporal Model of the Mobility Patterns in a Multi-Ethnic Population, Hawaii S. Mukherji (India) 22. Marriage Migration in Rural India M. J. Libbee & D. E. Sopher (USA)23. Retirement Migration in France F. Cribier (France). Conclusion.


    Leszek Kosiński was Professor of Geography at the University of Alberta.

    R. M. Prothero was Professor of Geography at the University of Liverpool.