226 Pages
    by CRC Press

    226 Pages
    by CRC Press

    The development of analytical methods for identifying widespread perchlorate contamination brought about an explosion of research into the environmental problems and their potential solutions along with a corresponding increase in the availability of information. Unlike reference works that focus on only a few aspects of this contaminant, Perchlorate: Environmental Problems and Solutions offers a comprehensive, single source of information on perchlorate contamination in the environment. Summarizing the state of the science and developments in engineering, the book describes:

  • Common sources of perchlorate

  • Its behavior in the environment

  • Methods for analyzing perchlorate in environmental samples

  • Potential risks to human health and the environment

  • Regulatory standards and criteria

  • Techniques for remediating environmental contamination

    The authors illustrate these points with case studies of perchlorate contamination in soil, groundwater, and surface water. These case studies provide perspective on issues commonly faced by scientists, engineers, and managers of perchlorate-impacted sites. Organized to follow the logical sequence of identifying and solving contamination problems, the book provides the foundation necessary to understand perchlorate's occurrence, environmental behavior, regulatory status, and remediation.
  • Introduction. Sources, Properties, and Case Studies. How is Perchlorate Measured? How Does Perchlorate Behave in the Environment? What are the Implications of Human and Ecological Exposures to Perchlorate? What are the Regulatory Limits on Perchlorate? How Can Perchlorate be Treated?


    Sellers, Kathleen; Weeks, Katherine; Alsop, William R.; Clough, Stephen R.; Hoyt, Marilyn; Pugh, Barbara; Robb, Joseph