1st Edition

Perform Suzhou A Course in Intermediate to Advanced Spoken Mandarin

    324 Pages
    by Routledge

    324 Pages
    by Routledge

    Perform Suzhou is a task- and performance-oriented textbook course for Chinese study abroad programs serving intermediate- to advanced-level learners.

    Performance is the key concept; developing communication skills through role playing. Field performance tasks enable students learning Chinese to refine and solidify communication skills by executing real-life tasks in the target culture, before reporting on their experiences in the classroom. The dialogues presented form the basis for improvisation for related contexts, equipping students to respond appropriately in new situations. Perform Suzhou is composed of staged units, drills, exercises and culture notes with accompanying audio.

    The textbook is accompanied by audio and Action! China, the supporting workbook.




    第一单元 抵达苏州 Settling Down

    1.1 初次见面 三人行必有我师

    1.2 吃饭了 民以食为天

    1.3 买东西 货比三家


    第二单元 校园生活 Campus Life

    2.1 去哪儿 雪中送炭

    2.2 与老师交流 没有规矩,不成方圆

    2.3 组织活动 群策群力


    第三单元 饮食交友 Food and Friendship

    3.1 朋友小聚 客随主便

    3.2 家庭做客 礼轻情意重

    3.3 出席宴会 高朋满座


    第四单元 游山玩水 Sightseeing

    4.1 团队游 走马观花

    4.2 自助游 退而求其次

    4.3 灵岩山 山不在高,有仙则名


    第五单元 解决问题 Solving Problems

    5.1 钱包丢了 吃一堑,长一智

    5.2 咨询前台 宾至如归

    5.3 空调病 寻医问药


    第六单元 社会活动 Social Engagements

    6.1 到社区去 一回生,两回熟

    6.2 志愿服务 意在言外

    6.3 参加会议 毛遂自荐


    第七单元 调查研究 Research

    7.1 确立话题 有的放矢

    7.2 街头采访 循序渐进

    7.3 口头报告 对答如流


    第八单元 话说苏州 Talking about Suzhou

    8.1 漫谈苏州 月是故乡明

    8.2 苏州攻略 痛并快乐着

    8.3 暂别苏州 依依不舍


    附 录

    附录1 Questions in "投石问路"

    附录2 Sample Narrations


    Xiaobin Jian is Associate Director of the National East Asian Languages Resource Center, USA, and is Associate Professor of Chinese at Ohio State University. He specializes in language pedagogy, discourse analysis, presentation and negotiation in cross-cultural context, material development and program development.

    Jianfen Wang joined Berea College, USA, in 2016 as an Assistant Professor of Chinese and Asian Studies. Dr. Wang recently completed her PhD in Chinese language and culture pedagogy at Ohio State University.

    Junqing Jia joined Hamilton College, USA, in 2017 as an Assistant Professor of East Asian Languages and Literatures. Dr. Jia recently completed her PhD in Chinese language and culture pedagogy at Ohio State University.

    Feng Chenghua is Associate Professor of Chinese at Soochow University, China, and Vice-President of the Suzhou Association of Chinese Calligraphers.

    "The book is innovative, adopting the approach of discourse analysis and performance (体演) with dialogues presented as twenty-four scripts in eight themes centred on campus and social life that studying abroad students would experience in Suzhou, China. It aims at helping CSL students at intermediate to advanced level develop aural–oral communication proficiencies when they live in China."
    Kun-shan Carolyn Lee, Professor of the Practice in the Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Duke University, USA