1st Edition

Performance Analysis An Introductory Coursebook

Edited By Colin Counsell, Laurie Wolf Copyright 2001
    272 Pages
    by Routledge

    264 Pages
    by Routledge

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    This revolutionary introductory performance studies coursebook brings together classic texts in critical theory and shows how these texts can be used in the analysis of performance.
    The editors put their texts to work in examining such key topics as:
    * decoding the sign
    * the politics of performance
    * the politics of gender and sexual identity
    * performing ethnicity
    * the performing body
    * the space of performance
    * audience and spectatorship
    * the borders of performance.
    Each reading is clearly introduced, making often complex critical texts accessible at an introductory level and immediately applicavble to the field of performance. The ideas explored within these readings are further clarified through innovative, carefully tested exercises and activities.

    Preface Acknowledgements Part 1: Decoding The Artefact 1.1 The Sign 1.2 Myth 1.3 Structure 1.4 The Frame Part 2: The Politics of Performance 2.1 Ideology 2.2 Epic Theatre 2.3 The Postmodern Avant-Garde Part 3: Performing Gender and Sexual Identity 3.1 Constructing Gender 1: The Property Model 3.2 Constructing Gender II: The Culture/Nature Model 3.3 The Drag Act 3.4 Gestic Criticism 3.5 Acting Camp Part 4: Performing Ethnicity 4.1 The Other 4.2 Blackface 4.3 The Resisting Viewer 4.4 Orality Part 5: The Performing Body 5.1 Political Bodies 5.2 Moving Bodies 5.3 Transgressive Bodies 5.4 The Body Adorned Part 6: The Space of Performance 6.1 Enacting Space 6.2 Locus & Platea 6.3 Environmental Space Part 7: Spectator & Audience 7.1 The Interactive Spectator 7.2 The Gaze 7.3 Structure of Feeling Part 8: At the Borders of Performance 8.1 Lininal and Liminoid 8.2 The Pageant 8.3 Carnival 8.4 Deep Play Part 9: Analysing Performance.


    Colin Counsell is based at The University of North London. Laurie Wolf is Assistant Professor for Theatre at The College of William and Mary, Virginia, USA.