1st Edition

Performance Analysis of Sport IX

Edited By Derek M. Peters, Peter O'Donoghue Copyright 2014
    328 Pages
    by Routledge

    328 Pages
    by Routledge

    Performance analysis techniques help coaches, athletes and sport science support officers to develop a better understanding of sport performance and therefore to devise more effective methods for improving that performance. Performance Analysis of Sport IX is the latest in a series of volumes that showcase the very latest scientific research into performance analysis, helping to bridge the gap between theory and practice in sport.

    Drawing on data from a wide variety of sports, the book covers every key topic and sub-discipline in performance analysis, including:

    • analysis of technique
    • technical effectiveness
    • tactical evaluation
    • studying patterns of play
    • motor learning and feedback
    • work rate and physical demands
    • performance analysis technology
    • analysis of elite athletes and teams
    • effectiveness of performance analysis support
    • observational analysis of injury risk
    • analysis of referees

    Effective performance analysis is now an essential component of the high performance strategy of any elite sport team or individual athlete. This book is therefore essential reading for any advanced student or researcher working in performance analysis, and invaluable reading for any sport science support officer, coach or athletic trainer looking for ways to improve their work with athletes

    PART 1 Performance Analysis and Coaching  1. The role of Performance Analysis in elite Netball competition structures - Sara Horne  2. Soccer Match Analysis – Qualitative study with first Portuguese League coaches - Hugo Sarmento, Antonino Pereira, Jorge Campaniço, Maria T. Anguera and José Leitão  3. Coach behaviour analysis within elite youth soccer - Paul Worsfold  4. Performance Analysis in Professional Football: Player and Coach Perspectives - Rob Mackenzie and Chris Cushion  5. Behaviour of academy soccer coaches during training sessions - Ceri Bowley, Wes Bodden and Peter O’Donoghue  PART 2 Soccer  6. Influence of Environmental Temperature on Home Advantage in Qatari International Soccer Matches - Franck Brocherie, Olivier Girard, Abdulaziz Farooq and Gregoire Millet  7. First goal and home advantage at different levels of play in professional soccer - Albin Tenga  8. Home advantage in derby and non-derby matches of Premier Brazilian National Football League, played from 2007 to 2011 seasons - Anna Volossovitch, Jackson Cruz, António Paulo Ferreira and Ana Isabel Carita  9. Regular patterns of play in the counterattack of the FC Barcelona and Manchester United football teams - Hugo Sarmento, António Barbosa, Maria T. Anguera, Jorge Campaniço and José Leitão  10. The influence of manipulating the defensive playing method on collective synchrony of football teams - Ricardo Duarte, Bruno Travassos, Duarte Araújo and Michael Richardson  11. Effect of small-sided games on the physical performance of young football players of different ages and levels of practice - Luís Barnabé, Anna Volossovitch and António Paulo Ferreira  PART 3 Rugby  12. Scoring team performance in rugby union - Ed Burt, Mike Hughes and Nic James  13. Tackling Effectiveness In Professional Rugby League - Nimai Parmar and Nic James  14. Defence performance analysis of rugby union in Rugby World Cup 2011: network analysis of the turnover contributors - Sasaki Koh, Takumi Yamamoto, Jun Murakami and Yuichi Ueno  15. Tackling in Super 15 Rugby 2011 - Michele van Rooyen  16. The effect of game location on positional profiles of a professional rugby union team during a competitive season - John Francis and Gareth Jones  PART 4 Team Games  17. Performance analysis of kicking and striking skills in Gaelic sports - Kevin Ball and Barry Horgan 18. Diversity and efficiency of the space creation dynamics in basketball teams: age effect - Eduardo Rostaiser, Felipe Santana, Valmor Tricoli, Dante De Rose Jr., Carlos Ugrinowitsch and Leonardo Lamas  19. Defensive strategy and critical match episodes in basketball game: analysing the teams’ success - António Paulo Ferreira, Anna Volossovitch, Fernando Gomes and Sandro Didier  20. Momentum in netball shooting - Catherine Roberts and Peter ODonoghue  PART 5 Racket Sports  21. The effect of changing the scoring system on game related activity in squash - Stafford Murray, Nic James, Peter Dineen, Mike Hughes and Goran Vuckovic  22. Consistency of Key Performance Indicators for Men’s Singles Tennis Match: Analysis from 2005 to 2011 Grand Slams - Hyongjun Choi  23. The importance of inter-shot time of ground strokes in tennis - Hiroo Takahashi, Shunsuke Murakami, Masahiko Ishihara, Takahiro Morishige, Tetsu Kitamura, Akira Maeda and Hidetsugu Nishizono  24. Male positive affect elucidates mixed-doubles badminton tournament rank - Clare Rhoden, Julia West and Derek Peters  25. Distribution of stroke and footwork types in top-level men’s and women’s table tennis - Ivan Malagoli Lanzoni, Rocco Di Michele and Franco Merni  26. Momentum in tennis matches in Grand Slam tournaments - Peter O’Donoghue  PART 6 Individual Sports 27. Performance Analysis of Show Jumping Strategy during British Eventing - Sophie Arundel and Lucy Holmes  23. Errors in judging Olympic boxing performance: false negative or false positive? - Umberto Di Felice and Samuele Marcora  29. Analysing individual performance in golf using the ISOPAR Method - Michael Stöckl, Peter Lamb and Martin Lames  30. Evidence of Chaos in Indoor Pedaling Motion using Non-linear Methods - Juan-Carlos Quintana-Duque and Dietmar Saupe  31. The Efficacy of Judging within Trampolining - Polly Johns and James Brouner  32. Characterisation of the Current Level of Performance in Individual Competitions in Rhythmic Gymnastics - Tina Breitkreutz and Anita Hökelmann  33. A preliminary investigation into the effects of jumping saddle design on rider posture - Cassie White and Lauren Birkbeck  34. The effects of rider specific Pilates on rider position from a lateral view: a six week study - Eleanor Boden, Hayley Randle, and Charlotte Bridgen  PART 7 Systems  35. Use of barcode scanning for notational analysis - Donald Buchanan, David Cook and John Seeley  36. Using spatial metrics to characterize behaviour in small-sided games - António Lopes, Sofia Fonseca, Roland Leser, Arnold Baca and Ana Paulo  37. Application of Three Time Motion Analysis Systems in Semi-Professional Soccer Match Play - Jason Cook   PART 8 Movement Analysis  38. A exploratory evaluation of measures of space creation and restriction in soccer - Martin Lames, Malte Siegle and Peter O’Donoghue  39. Analysis of team and player performance using recorded trajectory data  - Robert Timmermann and Michael Dellnitz  40. Running performance analysis in basketball using recorded trajectory data - Rasmus Jakobsmeyer, Reinhard Schnittker, Robert Timmermann, Rene Zorn, Ulrich Rückert and Jochen Baumeister  41. Time-motion analysis of Pádel players in two matches of the 2011 Pro Tour - Jesus Ramón-Llin, Jose F. Guzmán, Rafa Martinez-Gallego, Goran Vuckovic and Nic James


    Derek M. Peters is Professor of Sport, Health and Exercise Science at the University of Worcester, UK. He is a Higher Education Academy National Teaching Fellow (2008) and is accredited by the British Association of Sport & Exercise Sciences (BASES) for Interdisciplinary Research. He is the Treasury of the International Society of Performance Analysis of Sport, Professor II in the Faculty of Health & Sport Sciences at the University of Agder in Norway, Visiting Professor to the Lithuanian Sports University in Kaunas, Lithuania and Editor-in-Chief of both Basketball Research and the Graduate Journal of Sport, Exercise & Physical Education Research.

    Peter O'Donoghue is a Reader at Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. He was Chair of the International Society of Performance Analysis of Sport and is General Editor of the International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport. His research interests include racket sport performance and opposition effects in sports performance.