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Performance Research 9:4 Dec 2

By Various Copyright 2005
    by Routledge

    144 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 2004. Civility might appear the last and least likely term to mobilise attention in the non- adjacent fields to performance. This issue recognises an expanded political vocabulary in concept of ‘sly civility’ located at the heart of the recent work drawing on a set of previously dis-colonising imagination.

    Editorial/ALAN READ -- Reclaiming the Right to Performance/RUSTOM BHARUCHA -- Don’t Take it Personally/PAUL RAE -- The Uncertainties of Dialogue/NEERA CHANDHOKE -- A Theatre of Civility/SALLY DOUGHTY &. MICK MANGAN -- Spit Not in the Fire - the Art of Manners SIMON BAYLY (ARTIST’S PAGES)/Love Junkies -- ALPHONSO LINCIS -- Chronic Fatigue/STEVEN CONNOR -- The Thing with Feathers/DAVID WILLIAMS -- Performing Hospitals/JEB WEISMAN -- The Democracy Machine/ALAN READ -- Fifteen Theses on Contemporary Art/ALAIN BADIOU -- Theatre and Politics/JANELLE REINELT -- Impurity and the Postcolonial Subject/ALAN FILEWOD -- Thinking out of Time/ADRIAN KEAR -- Ethics of Voice -- JOE kelleher: INTERVIEW WITH CLAUDIA CASTELLUCCI &. CHIARA GUIDI -- The Strangers Beyond the Gates/DOREEN MASSEY -- The Stranger Within/JAN COH EN-CRUZ -- Urban Refuge, Voluntary Community/NIGEL RAPPORT -- Performance and Civility/PETER HARROP -- Notes on Contributors -- DVD Contents: -- 01 Desperate Optimists -- Who Killed Brown Owl? [video] -- 02 Alain Badiou -- Seven Variations on the Century [video] -- 03 Societas Raffaello Sanzio Uovo di Bocca [video] -- Note, A on Voice [text] -- 04 Mike Pearson Raindogs [video] -- 05 Stut Theatre -- This is Holland Here! [video] -- Jos Bours -- An Insider’s Account of Neighbourhood Theatre -- Eugene van Erven -- The Problem with ‘The Trouble with Community’ -- 06 Steve Tompkins & Andrew Todd Theatre Architecture: Convivial or Imperious? -- Julian Woropay Royal Court [video] -- 07 Everyday Life Introduction Luce Giard -- Why and When with Michel de Certeau -- Michael Kobialka -- Axiom on the Everyday -- Platform -- Civic Censure -- Krzysztof Wodiczko -- The Fearless Memorial.


    Various Authors who are specialists in their fields.